The Importance of a Wedding Cake

There are a lot of staple marks to a wedding like the pure white dress, the flower girl, the ring bearer, and of course, an ornately decorated cake that will impress all of your guests. The cake is the central aspect of the night and everyone really waits for the moment when the bride and groom will first cut the cake and perhaps follow the messy tradition of feeding each other a piece. This tradition represents the joy and playfulness that is apparent in the bond between husband and wife and is a reminder that marriage is just another step to enhance your friendship and your romantic love. Feeding your spouse is also just a great spectacle for all your guests to watch and enjoy because it is rather funny even though it has so much meaning and is so deeply rooted in

Another important aspect of the cake is that it is so highly decorated and really can be the central part of your theme that brings all of your decorations together and makes them stand out to your guests as something unique, amazing, and unforgettable. The cake should be a representation of all your dreams for a wedding and should show the guests what your theme is. The best way to do this is with the colors you choose and also the accessories that you want to be put onto the cake like decorations and cake toppers. Cake tops can be so many different things that it might be hard for you to decide what kind you would like to have but there are so many different things that you can do that you will never run out of ways to express yourself through these amazing decorations.

The great part about wedding cake toppers is that you can definitely use them as keepsakes either for yourself and your new spouse or for someone that is really important to you. These are a great way to remember your wedding, especially if you make the cake the central part of the reception and the central aspect of decoration by choosing a cake that is really elaborate and richly colored. Here are a couple examples of amazing wedding toppers that will represent the idea of love.

Stylized Heart Cake Topper:

This heart is done kind of in the style of a Celtic knot on the bottom and a twisting heart that looks really elegant and pristine on top of your cake. This heart represents the idea of love that is definitely present to everyone in the room that is partaking in your wedding celebration and sharing the love that you and your spouse have.

Family Heart Cake Topper:

This cake topper is amazing because it has a few hearts intertwined and one of them is a small one that represents a baby. The beautiful protective family meaning of this cake topper will be a great omen for your future lives together and the family you will have very soon. All your guests will definitely appreciate the meaning of this decoration.


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