Wedding Table Centerpieces

Having beautiful decorated wedding table centerpieces increases the glamour of your wedding. In some of the weddings, cost of wedding table centerpieces becomes more than the bride’s bouquet. It happens when the brides want to outshine their friends in this aspect by creating costly beautiful items. Florists love to use these opportunities to display their design talents and show use of latest accessories and flowers and submit a fat bill at the end of the reception.WeddingCakeSquareK040814

So before deciding on the idea of wedding table centerpieces, you will have to consider a few things. You must first decide on your budget and theme of your wedding. A few more important things that need to be considered are what kind of atmosphere you are going to create and secondly, the size of the tables you are going to use. Size of the table is very important because you cannot place a big centerpiece on a small table. You must have place for plates and glasses.

If you find decoration with flowers expensive, then you can go for colorful leaves or imitation flowers found in different colors in departmental stores. Fresh herbs can also be an alternative to expensive flowers as they look good and some of them smell more beautiful than flowers. You can collect herbs of different colors and leaves and mix them and place it in a glass or a vase. You can also make simple decorations with flowers. You can buy colored sand or foam from floral stores and keep them in a glass or a vase and place a cheap single flower like hydrangea in it and keep the entire thing at the center of the table.

Use of candles is another attractive option as they are found in different colors and can go with any wedding budget, if properly decorated. Candle centerpieces can make the wedding atmosphere very romantic, if it is an evening wedding and the wedding hall is large and can be decorated with little greenery. You can also go for colorful lanterns that have a simple tea light inside. You can place one such lantern on each table. If the wedding reception hall is dimly lit, you can create a wonderful romantic atmosphere using those lanterns.

You can have cheap but beautiful containers from discount stores. It can be cheap pottery to bright colored bags to simple glasses that will hold the main display item. Color of the container must go along with the main display item and the theme of the wedding. You can get some mini pails and they can be used as table numbers.

If you are planning a beach wedding, you must go for a bright centerpiece. You can choose sunflower as it has got a bright and vibrant look. Alternatively, you can put stick shells inside ceramic pots and place them on each table. It is better to serve guests in long glasses and offer them a shell as a gift. They will carry it home and remember your wedding


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Essential Wedding Cake Checklist

Print it out and sit down with your fiance. Check off the boxes that meet your priorities. Give it to your baker about 3-6 months before the big day. Not only will the list get you excited and inspired, but it will provide your baker with the “ingredients” for perfection.

When you think of the perfect wedding cake, what descriptive words come to mind? Choose the word(s) that best describe the wedding cake you’d most like to create:cake15

[ ] Contemporary

[ ] Dramatic

[ ] Elaborate

[ ] Ceremonial

[ ] Round

[ ] Simple

[ ] Square

[ ] Traditional

[ ] Unique

Given your cake’s style, which shape will represent it best? (Your cake designer can help you decide.)

[ ] Circular

[ ] Hexagonal

[ ] Octagonal

[ ] Rectangular

[ ] Sheet cake

[ ] Square

[ ] Tiered

[ ] Stacked

The use? To eat! But of course. That’s the main objective. But your cake designer can assist you in putting your finances to use in the most efficient way. How flashy do you want your cake to be? How can you cut costs? Answer your own question, by ‘checking off’ your priority:

[ ] For show

[ ] A delicious dessert

[ ] Both

It’s YOUR Wedding. Don’t hold back, indulge!

[ ] Angel food

[ ] Berries and whipped cream

[ ] Carrot (spice)

[ ] Chocolate

[ ] Golden

[ ] Lemon

[ ] Liqueurs

[ ] Mocha

[ ] Mousse

[ ] Orange

[ ] Raspberry

[ ] Truffle

[ ] White chocolate

Are you a traditional wedding couple? If so, you may opt to stick with colors that accent your decorative color scheme, wedding attire, and bouquet.

[ ] Pale Blue

[ ] Green (pale)

[ ] Lavender

[ ] Peach

[ ] Pink

[ ] White

[ ] Yellow

[ ] Chocolate Brown

[ ] Beige

What do you wish to add to your cake’s appearance? Dress your cake as pretty as you can.

[ ] Chocolate shavings

[ ] Fresh flowers

[ ] Strawberries (Make sure none of your guests are allergic)

[ ] Gold or silver leaf

[ ] Pearls

[ ] Sugar blooms

[ ] Toppers

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Wrecked Wedding Cakes

Sorry Wedding Cakes

Wedding disasters do happen. After ensuring that every piece of the wedding collage is in its proper place disaster strikes and of all things, it happens to wedding cakes! When this happens, you can do nothing but watch the cake in horror as it slowly slides to the table and onto the floor. Blame the bakers, the cats and dogs, and yourself.16e97e160

First, the bakers advertise themselves as the best when it comes to wedding cakes; or Aunt Thelma was being kind and suggested you can save more money if she does the cake with her outdated baking technology, or that you were not informed by that top baker that fondant can taste like paper and there were too much half-eaten cakes. Whatever the disaster, you still have a little contribution to the tragedy.

Sometimes the cakes bombed in-transit. The carefully constructed and painfully art crafted wedding cake is smashed beyond recognition. Only an experienced and deft cake artist can do an on-site SOS and save the day. The three-tiered cake is now a single layer cake topped with fresh blooms and emergency ribbons – for photo ops. Guests can only wonder why they couldn’t eat cake.

How to Avoid Wedding Cake Disasters

During baking, en route to the reception, or sitting magnificently on a table just for it, wedding cakes invite disaster. Outdoors, wedding cakes invite ants and other insects lured by its delicious scent and birds might take a swipe at it! Indoors, ants can march to the cake, your dogs and cats might try it, and little children might be tempted to find out what’s inside all that beautiful flowers and ribbons.

Those who had the misfortune with wrecked cakes during their weddings can tell you these:

  • Ask friends where they ordered their beautiful cakes
  • Ask the baker to show his portfolio
  • Ask the baker to give you a cake taste test
  • Order from a baker who lives near the area
  • Inquire if they freeze their cakes
  • At the reception, make sure no pets are on the grounds
  • Outdoors, place the cake in a tent or under a patio umbrella
  • Get a professional not a DIY to do your wedding cake

One more important thing, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your wedding cake won’t get into any trouble. Stay alert to the safeguards you have read or heard from friends. Better yet, assign your sister to take care of the cake until the countdown to the ceremonial cake slicing.

Yes It Can Happen to You

A cake is just a cake you say. It’s different with this cake. Your wedding cake, next to your wedding dress is the focal point of interest in your wedding. In the planning for your wedding cake, have safeguards for possible destruction. Think like a general when it comes to wedding cakes.

If disaster strikes, you can only grit your teeth. But when it’s over, the whole thing becomes funny. Wedded couples have a fun slapping cake icing around and making the most of their first day together despite wedding cakes disasters.

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Second Day Wedding Cake

Many people are now having a breakfast/brunch party the day after their wedding. This allows you to open presents and to catch up with those people you might not have had a chance to talk to. It’s often a good opportunity to catch up with your parents’ friends and your relatives.normal_dieker-oval

Sweden has a tradition that must come from the old days when the daughters would leave their families to become members of their husband’s families. As a last part of the goodbye at the bride’s parents’ house, the bride’s family would make a cake so that the last bit of food the bride had at her childhood home was sweet.

The times that I’ve encountered the cake it’s been a Princess Torte, a beautiful green confection full of yellow cake, marzipan, whipped cream and either vanilla cream or raspberry jelly. The Swedes are great about their pastries because as rich as they are, they’re not horribly sweet. (Yum!)

(Of course, this could also be a great way to finish up the wedding cake from the day before, especially if everyone’s traveling. Since single women no longer seem to take cake home from the wedding to place under their pillow so that they can dream of the man they will marry, there’s often a lot of cake left over! And you don’t want to waste cake! Just wondering, what did they wrap the cake in before Tupperware? Who wants to get marzipan and whipped cream in your pillow?) You might not HAVE to make a new cake, but it’s a nice tradition to start!

Even though today’s couples are becoming part of one another’s families, it’s still a lovely thought that you leave on your honeymoon with sweetness in your mouth, remembering your past and anticipating the marriage ahead. Your relationship deserves sweetness and tenderness. Start your life off with cake. You can get serious about your vegetables when you get back from your honeymoon!

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Invaluable Wedding Cake Advice

While it may seem very unimportant, the wedding cake is arguably one of the most important pieces of the wedding jigsaw. Aside from the bride, the wedding cake is one of the most looked at things at the wedding. If you get it right then everyone will be praising and if you get it wrong people will be talking about how bad it was no matter how good the rest of the wedding is. Therefore, the wedding cake deserves a substantial amount of your time and attention.Square Cala Lillies Wedding Cake_JPG

As is the case with many of the traditional wedding practises, there are new modern ways to do your cakes. However, the most stylish option is the traditional 3 tier white iced cake. This way, you can easily add decorations and everyone will be in awe. There are a number of pitfalls that you need to avoid if you want to get your wedding cake right.

Firstly, make sure you choose a sensible design. While fancy designs may look good in pictures, in truth, the more complicated the design, the more that can go wrong with the wedding cake.

Secondly, make sure you consult with the person making the cake. While you may have a clear idea in mind, they have made thousands of cakes before that they should be well placed to offer you excellent advice on the cake that is right for you wedding.

Finally, you need to consider the guests. There are two things to consider in terms of the guests, firstly numbers of secondly tastes. You need to try and choose cake ingredients that you think everyone will like and you need to ensure that there is enough wedding cake for everyone. Again, it is important to consult with the chef because he/she will know how large the cake needs to be.

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Types of Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has always been an important part of the reception, but these days it has taken on even greater significance. Brides are actually planning their entire weddings around the design of the cake. These are the types of cake and frosting that you are likely to find:no.33000swedding-cake-decorations-navy-square-cake

White Cake: The most traditional wedding cake flavor; for more oomph, add a flavored filling between the layers, like raspberry buttercream or apricot preserves.

Chocolate cake: A crowd pleaser! Brides are getting more brave about serving chocolate cake. It can either be concealed under white frosting for a traditional appearance, or frosted in chocolate for a decadent treat. Chocolate is very popular for grooms’ cakes.

Marble cake: Can’t decide between white cake and chocolate cake? Then a marble cake is the answer.

Lemon cake: Tart and refreshing; try a lemon cake for a summer wedding. From personal observation, I should mention that women seem to like lemon flavored deserts much more than men, so make sure that your groom is okay with lemon before finalizing your order with the baker.

Carrot cake: A nice option for an autumn wedding. If you are hoping for the cream cheese frosting usually found on carrot cake, be aware that it is likely to be more cream colored than pure white.

Buttercream Frosting: The most popular frosting, buttercream is both light and rich at the same time. It requires refrigeration, however, so it is not a good choice for an outdoor wedding reception.

Fondant: This frosting is the one that you will often find on elaborate couture style cakes. Fondant is rolled into a sheet and then laid over the cake for a very smooth finish. It makes an excellent base for decorations, and holds up well in heat. Fondant is chosen more for looks than flavor; you might want another layer of more delicious frosting underneath it.

Royal Icing and Gum Paste: These are used to create the decorations on the cake. Royal icing is good for delicate decorations, like a monogram, and pliable gum paste is ideal for making exquisite frosting flowers.

Once you and your baker have determined the right type of cake for your wedding, it will be time to decide on decorations. Fresh flowers are always a beautiful option, and they are very affordable. You may need to coordinate the baker and the florist for the blooms. Another pretty idea is wide ribbons around the base of each tier. Satin or grosgrain ribbon works very well, or you can have the baker create frosting “ribbons”.

From there, the designs get more and more elaborate. A very hot trend is to coordinate the cake to the bride’s gown and wedding jewelry. You might see lace or embroidery replicated in frosting to mimic the pattern on the bridal gown. Another popular idea is to decorate the cake with crystals or faux pearls to tie in with the wedding jewelry. The fun thing about this type of design is that is is very personal, and will be a completely original design.

Prices of wedding cakes can run from the hundreds to the thousands. If you want a showpiece cake but have a limited budget, order a smaller tiered cake for display, and then have a sheet cake in the same flavor that can be sliced in the kitchen and served to your guests. No one will be the wiser.

Selecting your wedding cake will be easy once you know the basics about cakes. Of course, you will want to have an extensive cake tasting anyway, just because it is fun. For a sweet surprise, ask the baker if she will be able to create a tiny replica of your cake for your first anniversary. A great cake is too delicious to enjoy just once!

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Cutting the Wedding Cake

Many traditions that take place at a Wedding usually have some history tied into them. The beliefs of their origin vary from one person to the other. The Wedding cake has a diverse history in itself. At one time a wheat cake used to be broken over the brides head as a symbol of fertility. The English later started to stack small cakes on top of one another to form a tower. The bride and groom would then try to kiss one another over the top of the cake tower. If they were successful in kissing one another without knocking over the tower, it was considered a good sign of future prosperity. It wasn’t until the French bakers decided to turn the Wedding cake into a palace of white icing that the current tradition took off. One of the stories used today suggests that cutting the Wedding cake is supposed to represent the first feeding of the bride and groom to one another.square-wedding-cake

Although the Wedding cake has become a worldwide tradition, it can also destroy a Wedding in a heartbeat. There is a great deal of psychology involved with the wedding guests. Many people have been to so many boring Weddings that they are actually planning to leave right after cutting the Wedding cake. Within a short time just after the dinner the room has almost completely cleared out. So how do you prevent this? You have to know when the best time is to actually cut the Wedding cake. Simply holding it off till later in the Reception can be just as destructive and a majority of the Wedding cake will be left over.

When is the best time to cut the cake? This involves planning the right events to happen before cutting the cake, while the cake is being cut, and what to do immediately after it has. You will also need to understand the mindset of the guests in order to unknowingly manipulating them into staying and having fun. Timing of this portion of the Wedding Reception is crucial to the success of the event. Unfortunately not planning properly with all of the hired services can force you to do everything out of the correct order. You must know how to plan the entire Reception from the very beginning in order for the cake not to effect the outcome.

One of the best explanations on how to plan a Wedding Reception to become a huge success, is in the book, “Wedding Reception Nightmares, How to Avoid Them And Plan The Perfect Reception”. The book goes into great detail about the Wedding cake. Explaining how to turn an event that normally kills a Wedding Reception into an event that actually builds the momentum. You must make sure that you plan the events in the right order and cut the Wedding cake at the right time or your guests will be lining up to leave.

Here is a thought. Maybe it would be better if we just went back to breaking a wheat cake over the bride’s head. Not!!!

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Elegant Wedding Cake

Each and every year there are some new trends in wedding cakes and in other parts of the wedding. You don’t have to stick to what the latest trends are. However, if your look for some ideas you will enjoy these.41web

Square Shaped Cakes

Most of us think of wedding cakes as round shaped. Now of days square is become more popular. I have seen many chocolate designs that are square shaped. What were seeing is cubed shapes and hexagons done in layers.

Blue And Green

The colors that seem to be in for wedding cakes are blue and green. Don’t rule out pink. It always seems to be popular and it seems to be getting more popular once again. Were are also seeing more two toned cakes. Instead of just one color of blue you may see two different colors of blue on the same cake.

Fresh Flowers

This is a trend that has been picking up over the last few years. Many brides are adding some cheap fresh flowers right to the cake as a form of cheap decoration. You can buy wholesale flowers for cheap and these to the cake yourself.


More and more creative designs are coming from cupcakes. Cupcakes are cheap and have much less waist then a normal cake. When stack the cupcakes on a tower it really can look stunning. We are now starting to cupcakes coming in different shapes such as square.

Chocolate Flavored Cakes

Chocolate is becoming the most popular of flavors. Chocolate icings, frosting, flavors, and more are huge. Chocolate may be combines with other flavors such as cherries and fruits.


There are lots of people who don’t want a regular cake. They prefer the taste of a cheesecake. Cheesecake doesn’t have to be boring in designs either. I have seen some very creative looking cheesecakes.

Those are some of the current and hottest trends. But don’t rule out the traditional wedding cake. It always will be a popular choice.

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Great Wedding Cake Icing For a Tastier Cake

A wedding cake that looks beautiful and elegant is truly a great thing. However, if that cake was made with poorly chosen wedding cake icing, well, it’s going to taste like crap and no amount of decorations or designs will change that fact. That said, really think about your choices when it comes to the icing for wedding

The most common as well as most popular cake icing is undoubtedly buttercream. Buttercream icing is incredibly easy to design & decorate with, it’s cheap, and it tastes great to boot. The drawback to this icing is that it bleeds easily as the temperature climbs.

Another tasty wedding cake icing is marzipan. Marzipan can be used to in the baking of the cake as well as for the covering and filling of cake. Ingredients in this icing are sugar, eggs, and most importantly almonds. This particular cake icing isn’t the cheapest, so be prepared to spend a bit more if you want it for your cake.

If you’re cake is going to have numerous intricate decorations and designs, then fondant and/or sugar gum paste will be the likely choice. Both of these icings harden after they’re put on so that the details remain in place. The big drawback to these icings is that they aren’t very tastier — in fact, some people may go as far as saying they taste pretty bad. If you can, do without this icing or use a very little amount.

Royal icing is the definite choice for simple cakes with simple designs & decorations. This icing is easy to work, cheap, and quite tasty — making it a perfect choice for amateur bakers whom want to try making & designing their own wedding cake.

Remember to put give some serious thought toward your wedding cake icing. Although a seemingly simple aspect, your cake’s icing will effect taste, appearance, and even the price!

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Wedding Cake Tops

Wedding Cake Tops come in a complete range of stylish and superb wedding accessories for embellishing cake tops. What ever be the type and style of your wedding cake, these tops are perfect matches for every cake. The cake toppers are available at discount price options, variety of assortments and above all, in a vivid combination of colors to blend easily with the colors of the auspicious occasion.square-wedding-cake-pictures-1000

These wedding favors are suitably customized and personalized using a variety of methods Personalization quotes can be hand written or embossed with the help of tools. No wedding cake is a complete without the customary cake tops. The Glazed Porcelain Doves and Flowers Cake Top is a blend of modern artwork with a traditional ceremonial display. This makes it an ideal keepsake for generations so as to remember the mesmerizing wedding occasion. The Butterfly Wishes Cake Top is creatively designed in a heart shape with a pearl outlining, which is further interspersed and bejeweled with butterfly ribbons and colorful faux jewel butterflies. The lavender flowers at the base add all the fragrance and aroma to this cake top. The cake top gives elegance besides being a yummy addition to your cake.

The Keepsake Calla Lily Cake Top comprises of a uniquely designed and handcrafted mix of Calla Lily flowers with a large white sheer ribbon and yellow accents.These are nicely packed in a resin finish gift box, which also has a small hidden space, which is revealed when one removes the top of the lid. The space is ideally stored for sentimental quotes and a personal phrase blending in with mood of the wedding ceremony. The Bride and Groom with champagne satin bow bisque porcelain keepsake cake top is praiseworthy and a much sought after wedding favor for celebrating the cake cutting ceremony. The blend of traditional style and classy look symbolizes permanence and dedication in love and the relationship. The Traditional Celtic Cake Top and The Heart Framed Trinity Knot Cake Top is an exotic styled cake top imprinted with traditional Irish messages that is in sync with the tone of a marriage setting.

The cake top finished in glazed porcelain further gives a sparkle and glinting appeal to the overall ambiance.The Traditional Script Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Tops are especially themed happiness symbols that go a long way in spreading happiness, laughter, and fun in the ceremony. The Stylized Hearts Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Top are yet another range of sumptuously handcrafted cake tops that decorate not only the cakes but also enhance the beauty of your head tables and reception tables.

The Bridal Beauty Calla Lily Keepsake Cake Top is the most happening and stylized cake top that adds a touch of elegance and awe-inspiring appeal to the wedding cake. The design of this cake top enables it to store lovely treasures in the form of memorable quotes, romantic phrases, love poems and many more. In addition, there is entire line up of cake top themes that include Butterfly Wishes in Precious Jewels Keepsake Cake Top, Butterfly Wishes in Pure White Keepsake Wedding Cake Top, Contemporary Couple Cake Topper and many more that will complete wedding cake and make it even lovelier.

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