Wedding Cake Flavors For Every Taste

A great deal of thought goes into deciding how a wedding cake should look. Brides agonize over the shape, color, and even height of their wedding cakes. However, many brides almost overlook one of the most memorable parts of the wedding cake: its flavor. Wedding cakes come in almost as many flavors as there are designs, so, before defaulting to a plain white cake, brides should check out the many different varieties that are available.Square 2 Tier Wedding Cake_jpg

Brides who prefer the look of white cakes needn’t settle for an average taste. There are several white cakes with a very special flavor. Almond-flavored or French vanilla-flavored cakes carry just a hint of almond; white chocolate cakes include small chunks of chocolate flavoring. White doesn’t have to be bland.

Some brides forego the white cakes altogether and decide to add a little more color to their wedding cakes. Popular, but light-colored, flavors are very plentiful. Strawberry and lemon flavors are fun wedding cake options. However, some brides get fruity with orange or banana flavors. Brides who opt for fun-flavored cakes must make special efforts, though, to ensure that their cake choice doesn’t clash with their cake’s icing.

Rich, deep flavors are also popular choices for wedding cakes. Traditional chocolate cake is one of the most prevalent, non-white, flavor for wedding cakes. However, there are many other dark-colored choices available. Red velvet cake, Kahlua, and even Mexican chocolate would each be a memorable flavor in a wedding cake.

There is always room for more than one flavor in a wedding cake. Some brides have opted to include multiple flavors in their cakes to ensure that every guest will be able to find something they will enjoy. While one layer of cake may be strawberry-flavored, another flavor might be vanilla-flavored. Or, for a mixture of flavor in each bite, brides can order a marbled-style cake. Two or more flavors are swirled together to create a unique experience in each bite.

Changing the type of cake isn’t the only way to add flavor to a wedding cake. Some wedding cake professionals add fillings to their wedding cakes. Fruit-flavored fillings, rich cream fillings, and even liqueur-based fillings all add another level of flavor to many wedding cakes.

For a truly unique take on wedding cakes, some brides are turning to non-traditional cake options like fruitcakes or carrot cakes. Covered in a thick layer of icing, these distinctive cakes have all of the style of a traditional wedding cake; however, their flavor is truly decadent. Tiramisu, a rich Italian dessert, is also a luxurious choice for wedding cake. Even cheesecakes are also growing in popularity as wedding cakes.

The important thing for brides to keep in mind when ordering their wedding cakes is to spend a little time deliberating over the flavor of their cakes. While guests will appreciate a cake that looks lovely, they will always prefer a cake that tastes nicely, as well. Then, brides can rest assured that their cake will remain stunning, not only in photos, but also in their guests’ memories.


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Wedding Cake Glossary of Terms

If you will be getting married, you may want to be familiar with wedding cake terms before you visit the baker or confectioner who is making your cake. Here are some of the more common wedding cake terms and their meanings:cake-topper-5

Wedding Cake Parts and Shapes:

Tier: This is one level of the cake-(i.e. a 3 tier cake.)

Layer: A horizontal piece of the cake. Often the wedding cake layers are baked in separate pans and then one or more are combined to make a tier.

Round: A cylinder shaped cake. This is the most traditional shape for a wedding cake.

Square: A more modern shape for a cake-very geometrical-tiers can be placed at odd angles for an even more modern touch.

Hexagon: A six-sided wedding cake can be very trendy and fashionable.

Scalloped: The edges of the tiers are shaped much like flower petals for a very casual look.

Molded: The cake is shaped like a football or some other object-this is often used for the groom’s cake.

Frosting and Filling Terms:

Fondant: A sheet like sugar “dough” that hardens over time and is good for an outdoor wedding cake because it will not melt. It is very smooth in texture and can be made in one of three forms: rolled into sheets, poured over the top, or sculpted into shapes.

Buttercream: The traditional wedding cake favorite made of butter, cream, and eggs. It is very soft and easy to flavor with chocolate, fruit or liquor, but should only be used at indoor events.

Ganache: A chocolate, butter and cream sauce or filling that will melt in the heat.

Chocopan: This is basically a chocolate version of fondant-but better tasting.

Marzipan: This almond based substance can be used as a filling or to make colored shapes to put on the cake.

Royal Icing: A very hard icing that is used for decorations that need to be solid-such as lace.


Basket weave: This looks like a wicker basket.

Swiss dotted: Random dots are placed all over the cake.

Piping: Lines are made on the cake with a pastry bag and tip.

Pulled or Spun Sugar: Sugar is cooked until it is liquid and then shaped into bows, ribbons or thin strands. This must be done on site because it will not transport.

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Guide to Wedding Cake Frosting

Next to the bridal gown, the wedding cake is perhaps the most detail intensive element of planning your event. It will take days if not weeks before the future bride can choose the exact design and color of her cake. On top of this, it may take her forever to decide the cake frosting to be used by her baker.Square-Wedding-Cake1

This is the reason why you need to get a reputable baker so they can make intelligent suggestions as to which frosting would be best for the chosen cake design. You may know a thing or two about cakes but only those who have experienced in decorating them can tell you the pros and cons of using a specific frosting. Here are some of the types of cake frosting commonly used today.

Butter cream

Butter cream is a very versatile ingredient because it can be used both as a filling and a frosting. Bakers prefer this frosting because it is easy to color depending on the motif of the wedding. It is also easy to come up with various designs using this frosting. The only problem is that it can easily melt especially if the temperature is not controlled so watch out for butter cream if you are holding an outdoor reception.


If you have seen satin smooth cakes that look perfect even if shaped like a gift, flower or anything at all then most probably it has been designed using fondant. Fondant icing is picture perfect and no one can argue with that. However, it does not taste as delicious as the other icing and some would even say it tastes bad. Some bakers however have a trick of using butter cream beneath the fondant to give it a really nice flavor.


This is a favorite among bakers as it tastes good and can be made to look like fondant icing. Marzipan contains sugar, eggs and crushed almonds making it a very tasty topping. However, using marzipan can be very expensive so be prepared for your wallet to take a hit.

Royal icing

This is perhaps the cheapest frosting anyone can use for a wedding cake. It can also produce picture perfect cakes with very intricate designs. Royal icing is actually a very hard frosting so there is seldom need to refrigerate it. You can have your baker create miniature cakes for you using some of the frosting you are interested in and then you can taste them and decide which one will look and taste the best.

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Wedding Cake Toppers

A skilled cake designer can come up with an endless spectrum of wedding cake toppers. They can come in any shape or form, the most common ones being the figurines of the bride and the groom, doves, daisies, roses, interlocking hearts, wedding rings, or flowers in a basket; the list is endless. The materials used for toppers can be anything, ranging from glass and porcelain to crystal or a wide range of other materials. Also, wedding cake toppers can be kept as a wedding day souvenir, and are at most times good enough pass off as a showpiece for your drawing room.WED_2_TIER_SQU_WHTRED_1_A4

For those planning a theme wedding, wedding cake toppers can augment the atmosphere of the wedding reception. A skilled hand can replicate the wedding dress on top of the cake. For fairytale-themed weddings, a replica of the Cinderella glass slipper or a figurine of “Snow White” would be just about perfect; or, for that matter, a small figure of a dragon or a castle. Beach and marine themed weddings can give the wedding cake designer plenty of room to exercise his creativity. The wedding cake toppers can come in a plethora of forms then, like dolphins, seahorses, mermaids, lighthouses or more. For medieval-themed weddings, you can use a miniature knight and maiden as toppers.

A winter wedding also gives the cake designer plenty to work with. For example, crystal snowflakes or snow people can sit atop the cake. Though other materials can be used, glass seems perfect for this theme, as it can reflect the light like icicles. For those from military backgrounds, wedding toppers can be quite intricate. A naval wedding, for instance, can do with an anchor behind the figures of the groom and the bride. For the military wedding, two sabers crossed and placed behind the miniature figures of the couple would be ideal. For Western-themed weddings, cake toppers can range from horses and cows to the cowboy and cowgirl as the bride and groom.

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Unique Wedding Cakes

A gifted cake designer can go a long way in determining the quality and the character of the wedding cake.

For one, theme weddings can be a portal to truly creative wedding cake ideas. A medieval theme wedding would warrant a cake to be laced with pearls and a golden crown. An adventure-loving couple could have a cake topped with miniature figurines of the newlyweds in a small plane or a motorcycle. A Victorian theme wedding, for that matter, could have a cake adorned with bows and Victorian roses. For an Oriental-themed wedding, a cake with two tiers topped with a vase filled with edible handmade orchid is perfect.polka-dots-and-stripes-wedding-cake-789

Also, the theme for a wedding cake could depend on one’s favorite flower, whether it is sunflower, pansy, bird-of-paradise, rose etc. A talented cake designer can replicate bridal bouquets on the cake or a garden akin to one’s yard, complete with picket fences.

Then there are seasonal themed cakes. Seasonal themes give the cake designer license to let his imagination run free. For weddings that are set for the fall season, the cake can be adorned with grapes, grape leaves and chrysanthemums. The summer-themed wedding cakes can be accentuated with bows and white daisies.

Also, there are wedding cakes based on one’s favorite jewelry. The diamond lover can have a stunning diamond themed cake, though that can be an expensive option. For the jade lover, the cake can be made to look like a stack of complex shaped jade boxes. Also, there are wedding cakes based on china patterns.

For a truly unique wedding cake, it is best to talk to the cake designer, preferably weeks before the wedding date. Though there will always be that urge to come up with that particularly outstanding design yourself, there is no harm in picking the brains of a professional who does it for a living.

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Looking For Great Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are looking for great wedding cake topper initials then this article can help you find what you are looking for. There are a few different options and ways to buy intial wedding cake toppers and some different choices you will have to make. The prices can vary greatly also depending on the options you choose. This article will walk you through the world or wedding cake topper initials.polka-dots-and-stripes-wedding-cake-789

What are they?

Wedding cakes have a long history and are a part of every wedding. This is one tradition that is present in almost every culture in one form or another. In the United States and Western countries the wedding cake is traditionally frosted with elegant white frosting and has lots of floral decorations. Then classically at the top of the wedding cake are a husband and wife. The couple is called the wedding cake topper. Of course people like to be different and unique and tie their wedding cake topper into their wedding theme. This has lead to the market of custom made wedding cake toppers. These can range greatly in price, detail and materials. You can purchase everything from polymer likeness of the bride and groom to a monogrammed intial wedding cake topper.

This article focuses on the monogrammed or initials wedding cake topper. These toppers are typically silver plated letter that stand between 4 to 5 inches high and are composed of the bride and grooms initials. These give a very elegant and classy look to a cake and are a definite addition that is worth consider.

Where can you buy them?

There are many places to purchase these such as a wedding cake decorator or even a cake decorating store. However, if you are looking to safe money there are many retailers that sell only online. You can simply use Google or Yahoo and search for terms like monogrammed wedding cake toppers or initials. This will bring up a host of retailers that can easily be contacted and the topper purchased online. You will also find that there is greater variety among the online versions because these are often semi custom. This means that the basic shapes of the letters have already been cut but you can pick color schemes and other options.

What are the options?

There are a lot of different options and it really depends on which retailer you are working with. However many will offer a variety of fonts, sizes, and arrangements of the letters. You can also change the thickness of the letter. Many retailers decorate the wedding cake topper initial letters with Swarovski.

What do they cost?

There is a wide range of prices online depending on how many special requests and custom options you want. They can range anywhere between $50 up to $225. The price range is largely due to two things. First whatever the base materials of the letters are made from can change the overall cost significantly. For example metal letters will often be more expensive then acrylic ones. Also the amount and type of crystals use to decorate the initials can change the overall cost.

Other random facts before you buy.

Traditionally these monogrammed wedding cake topper initials are made up of three letters. The letter on the left side is for the bride, the middle letter which is classically bigger then the other and stands in the front of the others is the last name of the married couple and then the letter on the right is for the groom.

Why would I do this?

There are a few out there that might ask why would I bother to do this? If you want your wedding day to be really memorable and have everything coordinated and well planned down to even the last detail then you will want to look at wedding cake topper initials. These really stand out and take the whole wedding cake to the next level. This is a decoration that is often seen in the wedding pictures. Just think of the classic wedding picture of the new couple cutting the cake together. Don’t you want an outstanding topper to really show off your wedding?

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All About Wedding Cakes

Buying wedding cakes will require several strategic decisions. The first thing that you will need to decide on is what type of cake you want to use. There are dozens of cake choices that you can select from. Traditionally wedding cake has been a delicately flavored cake, however, in recent years chocolate wedding cakes have become more popular. In addition to chocolate and vanilla wedding cake, you can also select from gourmet flavors like raspberry cream or mocha cream.square-wedding-cakes-4

After selecting the type of cake that you want to use, your next decision will be what cake shape you want. Wedding cakes come in just about any shape that you can imagine. The two most commonly used wedding cake shapes are round wedding cakes and square wedding cakes. If you aren’t sure what wedding cake shape you want you may want to visit a bakery that offers wedding cakes and look through their portfolio of wedding cake designs.

After you have decided on a wedding cake shape your next step will be to select how many tiers you want your wedding cake to have. The size of your cake and the number of tiers that it will have will need to reflect how many people the cake needs to serve, as well as your budget. In addition to deciding on the number of tiers that your wedding cake will have you will also need to decide if the tiers will be stacked directly on top of one another, or if you want to use wedding cake stands. Again refer to photographs of wedding cakes that utilize both of these stacking options to help you make a decision on which method you would like to use.

Next you will want to select a wedding cake topper. Wedding cake toppers come in a variety of sizes and designs. Your wedding cake topper shouldn’t overpower your wedding cake, and it should also not be overpowered by your wedding cake. To find a cake topper that best fits your wedding cake look for one that has the design features that best reflects your wedding’s theme and design, as well as the one that best fits the overall design of your cake.

Your final decision regarding your wedding cake will be what wedding cake serving set you want to use. You have several options for cake serving sets. You can register for a wedding cake serving set along with your wedding china, you can buy a silver engraved wedding cake serving set, or you can buy a novelty wedding cake serving set that has a handle theme that matches the theme of your wedding.

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Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers didn’t used to be as important for weddings as they are now. More and more they are becoming as important as the cake and are one of the fastest growing wedding gifts.square-cake

Once over, toppers just used to be in the form of a generic bride and groom couple. Now, though a wedding cake topper can be custom made to the bride and groom’s specifications which means the cake is even more unique and unusual. Personalised toppers that are constructed from sugar paste or clay can be crafted to look like copies of the happy couple even including their wedding day outfits. Grooms can be styled wearing kilts, military uniforms or their favourite football team kit! Brides can be made wearing their wedding outfits, veils and tiaras and even down to hair styles and the type and colour of flowers used in their bouquet.

They can even be themed around the time of year that they are getting married such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day or if it is a beach wedding in some far flung exotic location. Family members and beloved pets can be added for that extra special touch. Many of the more popular cake toppers seem to be funny and humourous to reflect the bride and groom’s personalities.

Once the cake is eaten a topper can be kept as a wonderful keepsake and memento of one of the most special days two people will ever have. A new trend that is only just catching on in 2010 is for a monogrammed cake topper. This type of wedding decoration is believed to have started from the USA and very few British and European retailers seem to have them available yet although one of my favourite gift retailers is at the forefront for this again! They are usually crafted from acrylic or brushed steel and all of the letters of the alphabet and some numbers are available. Monogrammed toppers include the initials of the bride and groom i.e. M & P.

What makes them really special though is that they are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals in a choice of colours to match your wedding day theme. These crystal cake toppers really do create the wow factor sat on the top of your wedding cake to really add some bling!

There are wedding toppers to suit every taste and every budget!

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Trends in Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes are more and more important to brides these days. They not only want their cake to taste great, but they want the wedding cake to be the ultimate expression of their wedding theme. The design of your wedding cake is not complete until you have chosen the perfect cake topper.three-tier-square-wedding-cake

The classic cake topper is a bride and groom figurine. They were often created in porcelain with a bride in a white dress and the groom in a tuxedo. If you like the look of vintage style, then seek out an original cake topper from the 1940s or 50s. More modern bride and groom cake toppers are seen in crystal, or in all-white porcelain. In addition, you can find figurines online to represent almost any ethnicity or pairing of genders.

A lot of couples forgo the traditional cake topper in favor of other designs. One easy way to dress us your cake is with fresh flowers. They are always beautiful, and if you are looking to keep expenses down, fresh flowers are a fraction of the cost of sugar flowers. A bouquet of roses in your wedding colors will look lovely atop a simple wedding cake.

More elaborate cakes call for more elaborate toppers. One of the hottest trends these days is monograms. You can have a custom monogram designed with the bride and groom’s initials to stand atop your wedding cake. Brides love sparkle, and many of these cake toppers feature even more dazzle than the crystal bridal jewelry that they wear. A crystal or rhinestone monogram on your wedding cake is a great tie-in to your bridal jewelry and other design elements. It also just looks fabulous!

Another trend is to choose a cake topper that coordinates with the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are having an Asian inspired event, then you can use the “double happiness” symbol as your cake topper. A fall harvest theme? Then how about a mini sugar paste cornucopia with nature’s bounty spilling over the top of the wedding cake. In the hands of an expert cake designer, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Some couples like to pick a cake topper that expresses their silly side or shows one of their favorite things. If you love Disneyworld, then choose a cake topper with Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Cinderella and Prince Charming. One wedding I attended had a little figurine from The Simpson’s where the bride and groom would normally stand on the cake. The cake topper is a fun way to inject your personality into the wedding.

Whatever you choose for your cake topper, don’t forget that tradition says the newlyweds should save the top layer of their cake and freeze it to share on their first anniversary. If the idea of eating year old cake doesn’t appeal to you, then save the original cake to look at, but order a tiny replica from your baker to eat on your anniversary. This can be the start of a very sweet tradition!

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Affordable Ways to Have an Original Wedding Cake For Less

The wedding cake can be one of the most important and most costly parts of your wedding. In the end you still will need a cake. In times like these when a bride has to pay a little more attention to her budget, you need to know how to cut corners or do the same thing for less. This is something that can extend to the rest of your nuptials. If you really think about it a lot of the extras you pay for can easily be substituted with options that won’t strain your pocketbook. The key to doing it successfully is to use the options available to you and your won ingenuity and imagination. If this is done you can still have an excellent and outstanding cake for less than the high end makers would charge. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

A great idea I’ve read about is a satellite cake. This is a cake that is made separately from the main cake you ordered. This is a great idea if you are looking for a cake with height but can’t spend the money needed for a whole taller option. The cake doesn’t have to be much, just try to make sure it is the same flavor and has similar icing. Since it is the base you can also make it plain as long as it doesn’t throw off the main design of the main cake.

Another great idea I’ve heard is to serve a group of smaller cakes. The main point of a desert is to be eaten. Why go for the fancy when a lot of smaller cakes of decent quality for a cheaper price get the job done? This is a great idea for a bride less focused on the look and for feeding a large amount of guests. This also makes it possible to offer different flavors and styles. You can use this as an opportunity to have something like a dessert bar.

Look for caterer that is also a baker. Specialist anything is going to cost you extra. If you can find a caterer or hotel chef that has the same amount training and can do the same work go for it. The beauty of it is that since they are not “experts” you will be able to get a great result for less. Another variation on this idea is to use your own personal contacts. Do you have a friend or relative that is a baker or patisserie? Then tap your own personal resources. You can offer to buy the ingredients. In many ways this will help cut the final cost of your wedding cake.

Get your cake topper separately. Don’t try to buy the cake with all the fixings and accoutrements. That is just asking for sticker shock. The internet now makes it possible for you to find cake toppers that are affordable and you can pick from a very wide selection to fit any theme or design idea you have for your wedding.

Do it yourself; this one might sound a bit radical, but if you are handy in the kitchen and even have just some experience making cakes, then this is the option for you. First make sure you have the time. Second, find a good recipe with clear instructions you can follow. The internet for one is a startlingly good resource. Have some friends competent in the kitchen that can help you. If you are willing to set aside sometime to pull it off you can have your own wedding gateau for a fraction of the price. Warning, do know that this isn’t like ordinary cakes so follow advice and practice where needed.

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