How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

With that in mind there is enormous pressure on the couple to have the perfect cake. No one will remember anything about the food served at the reception after five years, but chances are if the cake was not picture perfect or it did not taste fantastic, it will still be talked about at your twenty fifth wedding celebration!

Factors to Consider


The taste of your wedding cake is to a certain extent a matter of personal choice, in the sense you may take into account the groom loves chocolate and the bride is allergic to strawberries. It is not rocket science to come to the conclusion that a strawberry topped cake is not the best choice. However other practicalities must enter the equation.1075639030_96310714a6

Weather and time is an important factor. How long before the wedding will be the cake be completed, strawberries go soft and mushy looking very quickly, they will look pretty bedraggled after about three hours depending on the weather and the humidity. Humidity affects the choice of icing, glaze or frosting. Whipped cream does not hold up well in hot weather it goes rancid very quickly.

The European wedding cake made with fruit is typically decorated with Royal Icing, but the more typical American wedding cake will use a type of butter-cream. Fortunately as prevailing weather conditions are different there are many types of butter cream icing. If you are planning to marry in the height of Summer a recipe using all butter is not a good choice, the properties of all butter, butter cream icing is no different from that of butter, it melts when it is warm. However if you have your heart set on butter cream icing then make sure that you have a recipe where the sugar is cooked to the soft ball stage.
Italian butter cream is someti8mes referred to as meringue butter cream, as it is more stable in hot conditions. Egg whites are whipped to peaks and then combined with hot sugar syrup; once this has cooled butter is added withy any desired flavourings. This example of a type of butter cream is softer and lighter than the regular butter cream and is used in Europe for genoise sponges.


Choosing a wedding cake should be fun; it is a perfect opportunity to make a statement, it is your party and you can have what you want. However there are once again practical constraints. In Europe a layer of the wedding cake is traditionally held back for the christening. If you like this idea then you have to choose at least one layer of your cake to be a fruitcake, as it preserves well, drenched in brandy.


If you have a theme, talk to a baker, there are many props that can change the basic design of a cake. Use your imagination flavourings can add color as well as flavor, avocado icing or filling is a wonderful delicate color. A well-designed cake will enhance your theme and bring the whole concept of the design together as the celebrations culminate with the cake.

Don’t be Boring

The typical American sponge is not your only option, before making a final choice; think out of the box, if only to dream! Consider cupcakes building them to a pyramid, or the traditional French wedding cake the croquembouche, an iconic creation of choux pastry bound by carmellized spun sugar, and violets. Make the cake worrk for you, if you have a lot of children coming to the wedding it may be worth having two cakes as adult and children’s tastes are markedly different. The tradional Italian wedding cake, celebrates all tastes as ti is layers of biscuits or cookies inerwoven together.

Freezing Your Wedding Cake

If you need to freeze a wedding cake it is an excellent idea to make a dummy layer, before hand, it should be decorated exactly as your wedding cake will be. If it freezes successfully then you have no problems, but if it does not then you can make design adjustments. It is not necessary to have baked and iced more than one layer, because what happens to one layer will happen to the rest.


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Look at Maui Wedding Cakes

Since Maui and Hawaii in general have been blessed with the most wonderful fruits and flowers, the best cakes on the island tend to take advantage of them. There are companies on the islands that have been creating designs and recipes for wedding cakes for over 50 years. Many have received worldwide acclaim. Several, in fact, have created wedding cakes for the rich and famous for weddings not even held in Hawaii.beautifulwhitecake

The cakes are produced to order and then flown to their final destination to be enjoyed at the wedding reception as if it were happening right on Maui. In addition to the fabulous fruits and flowers available, there is an abundance of dairy products from some of the happiest, healthiest herds of cattle anywhere in the world. These natural items, unequaled in quality anywhere else in the world, combined with the talents of Hawaiian cake makers, are responsible for some of the best Maui wedding cakes ever.

There are creations available from Maui wedding-cake producers that simply can’t be reproduced anywhere else. Sweet pineapple butter cream fillings, decorated with some of the most beautiful flowers are a mainstay of the better cake makers. Frostings made from freshly picked sugar cane, grown a few miles from the bakery, can’t be duplicated using packaged products from your local supermarket – even if they originated from Hawaii.

For the adventurous, there are flavors and fillings available made from eclectic combinations of fruits and flowers that are as unique and wonderful as any found on the planet. No matter what you desire for your Maui Wedding Cakes, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality, made from ingredients that were still growing a few hours before they reached the oven and that there is no other place on earth that such a wonderful creation could have been produced.

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Tips for Beautiful but Cheap Wedding Cakes

A multi-tiered wedding cake beautifully decorated is an important part of any bride’s dream wedding, but the price tag can give you nightmares. Use these tips to take a bite out of the bill. Your cheap wedding cake will still look and taste fabulous.wedding_square_individual_cakes

If your heart is set on a three tiered cake that feeds 100, order it with plain white frosting, no decorations, and then decorate at the reception with fresh flowers. Or you can wrap a length of lace around each layer, like you would a ribbon. Of course remove the lace before cutting. Your wedding cake will be cheap but gorgeous.

Stick with basic flavors and fillings, exotic flavorings add to the cost of the cake.

Rather than one huge multi-tiered cake, use a modest tiered cake and then several (as many as you need for your guests) sheet cakes. Serving will go faster this way as well. No one will know your wedding cake was cheap.

Order from a grocery store rather than a bakery. Many grocers have onsite bakeries, just like they have onsite florist departments.

Don’t order a wedding cake at all. Order a sheet cake with white frosting to serve guests and a smaller two tiered cake to cut for photos.

Depending on how many servings you need, order a full sheet cake (100 servings), a half sheet cake (50 servings) and a quarter sheet cake (25 servings), all iced in white. Place the half sheet on the full sheet cake and then the quarter sheet on top. Use ready-to-use frosting that comes in a can with a nozzle to touch up any mistakes and fill in the gap between the layers. You don’t have to remove the cardboard between the layers, it will help steady the cake when it’s time to cut. Don’t go any higher than three layers, if you do you run the risk of the bottom layer being squashed by the weight of the upper layers.

Use cupcakes. Order as many as you need in white paper wrapping, and white frosting. Use a tiered serving dish to arrange the cupcakes. Or you can buy two or three inexpensive white plastic serving platters. Line the platters with white paper lace doilies. Place the first platter on the table. Place three inverted wine glasses at noon, 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock on the platter. Fill in around the glasses with cupcakes. Place the second platter on the overturned wine glasses. In the center of the second platter, place three more inverted wine glasses. Fill the second platter with cupcakes. Place the final platter on the overturned wine glasses and fill with cupcakes.

Use a two tiered cake for the bride and groom to cut at the reception. Order a sheet cake for however many guests will be attending. On a separate table offer guests various toppings for their slice of cake. You can offer fresh strawberries, chocolate syrup, raspberries, sprinkles and whipped cream. Consider offering several flavors of ice cream. It’s fun and festive.

Have a friend, or several friends bake the cake using various sizes of heart shaped pans. Each can be iced in shades of pale pink, pale lilac, cream, and white. The cakes are placed on a table covered with a lace cloth. Rose petals in pinks, cream, and lilac – or whatever colors suit your color scheme are scattered between the cakes.

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The Importance of a Wedding Cake

There are a lot of staple marks to a wedding like the pure white dress, the flower girl, the ring bearer, and of course, an ornately decorated cake that will impress all of your guests. The cake is the central aspect of the night and everyone really waits for the moment when the bride and groom will first cut the cake and perhaps follow the messy tradition of feeding each other a piece. This tradition represents the joy and playfulness that is apparent in the bond between husband and wife and is a reminder that marriage is just another step to enhance your friendship and your romantic love. Feeding your spouse is also just a great spectacle for all your guests to watch and enjoy because it is rather funny even though it has so much meaning and is so deeply rooted in

Another important aspect of the cake is that it is so highly decorated and really can be the central part of your theme that brings all of your decorations together and makes them stand out to your guests as something unique, amazing, and unforgettable. The cake should be a representation of all your dreams for a wedding and should show the guests what your theme is. The best way to do this is with the colors you choose and also the accessories that you want to be put onto the cake like decorations and cake toppers. Cake tops can be so many different things that it might be hard for you to decide what kind you would like to have but there are so many different things that you can do that you will never run out of ways to express yourself through these amazing decorations.

The great part about wedding cake toppers is that you can definitely use them as keepsakes either for yourself and your new spouse or for someone that is really important to you. These are a great way to remember your wedding, especially if you make the cake the central part of the reception and the central aspect of decoration by choosing a cake that is really elaborate and richly colored. Here are a couple examples of amazing wedding toppers that will represent the idea of love.

Stylized Heart Cake Topper:

This heart is done kind of in the style of a Celtic knot on the bottom and a twisting heart that looks really elegant and pristine on top of your cake. This heart represents the idea of love that is definitely present to everyone in the room that is partaking in your wedding celebration and sharing the love that you and your spouse have.

Family Heart Cake Topper:

This cake topper is amazing because it has a few hearts intertwined and one of them is a small one that represents a baby. The beautiful protective family meaning of this cake topper will be a great omen for your future lives together and the family you will have very soon. All your guests will definitely appreciate the meaning of this decoration.

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How To Jazz Up Your Wedding Cake Presentation

Is there a centerpiece to a wedding celebration? Some say it is the centerpiece to a table where your guests sit and play games to try to win. Others say it is the wedding party table all decorated with bells and whistles that create the backdrop to a beautiful setting within the banquet hall for your wedding celebration. But what about the wedding cake? A wedding cake acts as a portrait-like creation that is one of many symbols of a wedding reception. A wedding cake as is a wedding invitation, banquet hall, etc… represents what it is that you want to set as a tone for your wedding party. So there is the freedom to let loose and have fun with.medium_square-wedding-cake-pictures-01

We have given careful consideration to what would be an ideal wedding cake presentation and have come up with some ideas that may grab your attention and say “What” or simply get you to nod your head, either way, it is best that you know what you feel like presenting as your wedding cake. The key is to think about style and design as much to do about flavour and variety. What about wedding rings, or garter belts? Matching portraits of the bride and groom or a pair of stilettos! If you are a traditionalist, then our ideas might not be for you. Whatever the feeling or desire, you have to be able to be true to yourself and not create something you are not or do not want to have.

If you are planning on having your wedding celebration in Toronto, Ontario or within the southern Ontario region, then you are going to find your fair share of bakers capable of creating wedding cake masterpieces for your wedding party. The key however, is to have a determining factor to decide who you want to use when creating your wedding cake masterpiece. Is price a determining factor for you? If not, then is experience playing an important role in the decision of your baker(s) of choice? Whatever the case or whoever, it is best to be able to evaluate how you are going to sieve through the enormous group of bakers or specialty wedding cake makers located throughout the Toronto, Ontario and southern Ontario region.

In any event, a wedding cake is just as much fun for you and your guests to enjoy. It is best enjoyed eaten, however, presentation and look and feel for the cake is huge when deciding on how you want the cake to be at your wedding. Some say tradition merits the individual and it is best that a wedding cake be that, traditional. A three-tier cake, enriched with different flavours for the guests and family to enjoy. Then there are some who say conventional wisdom is best left alone and that you should shed you inner inhibitions and go for that Prada purse-cake look-a-like! You will definitely leave a mark with a cake like that, just make sure that it is yummy and that everyone enjoys it, in the end!

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Wedding Cake Toppers That Can Make Your Wedding Day

What usually come to mind when we think of wedding cake toppers is the ubiquitous bride and groom in a wedded pose. You may add some color and character to that idea of bride-groom image by a design concept where the bride is grappling her groom while he is trying to avoid her! Or you can even be a bit more thematic with your design by having the groom come in military gala uniform if the groom happens to be enlisted in the military. You may also be overly romantic by going for a portrait design with the picture of the bride and groom as your cake topper.square pink wedding cake 2

We are now seeing a popular design of wedding cake toppers where we find the initials of the bride and the groom and, in some cases, initials of the couples’ last names. There are many styles to choose from if you want to take on this popular way of presenting an attractive modern theme of cake toppers. The styles include bejeweled initials, script style and crystal style.

You can also choose to highlight the theme of your wedding in the design and style of your cake topper. You can select from a wide array of design ideas for your cake topper to complement the overall theme and character of your wedding. This is one great way of giving identity and distinct feel to the occasion. If you are planning a beach wedding then you have a lot of design options to choose from which would include the more popular seaside jewel cake toppers. You can maintain continuity by preparing wedding favors following the same design option.

Most of the popular cake toppers that are available nowadays perform a twin function. Firstly, it adds class and elegance to the wedding cakes. On top of these motivations, wedding cake toppers are also used to create the focal point for the overall theme of the wedding celebration and also of the wedding favors. Your choices of wedding cakes may differ in sizes and tiers and the choice of cake toppers will surely add to the overall appeal of the wedding cake.

Majority of wedding planners and couples who are very detailed in their preparations include the design of the cake topper as one of their major concerns. They usually start out with the selection of the final design of the cake topper before they move on to the design of the gown and the overall theme of the wedding. There are unique wedding cakes that are multi-layered and with elaborate icing designs. The cake topper is normally used as the highlight of these wedding cakes. A carefully designed wedding cake and cake topper is also one of the highlights of your wedding photography.

The best way to get design ideas for your cake topper is by going online. Aside from the traditional bride and groom design, you will also find a wide array of other design options for your cake topper. The design options include rings, doves, horses and even leisure interest of the bride and the groom.

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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding is your special day. Of course, you want everything to be absolute perfection. You have to get yourself the best dress money can buy. You have to have your ceremony and reception in the most gorgeous setting. And, of course, you want to have the best cake ever – by far the most fun part of your wedding planning efforts.6-7-08_5

The Look

Common advice dictates that you should not judge a book by its cover. You can ignore such advice in this case. When choosing your wedding cake, the look does matter, more than any other.

When you’re picking a wedding cake, take the time to browse through several cake shops and browse through color catalogs to find one that fits your wedding theme and motif perfectly. Better yet, if your budget permits, you can get a cake customized especially for your wedding. This way your cake will seamlessly blend in with the decor, complimenting the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Why is this important? Simply put, your wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It is by far the most unique and the most admired of all your wedding trappings. It’s meant to stand out, yes, not as a wallflower, but as the ultimate topper of your wedding decor.

The Taste

Beauty is more than skin deep. This is especially true in wedding cakes. Your cake is gorgeous and it will capture the admiration of your guests, so it’s only fitting that it’s tastes good as well. Suffice to say, your cake should literally be good enough to eat.

Most cake shops offer samples for tasting purposes. You should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. Take the time to sample different combinations of icing, flavors, and fillings.

So what should you look for in a good wedding cake? First of all, consider the icing. You can go for fondant or royal icing. Your icing should be sweet, but not overly so. You don’t want to your icing to dominate the whole cake. If your cake has flowerettes and other decorations on it made of marzipan, fondant, or any other confection, sample those as well.

Next, consider the cake itself. You can have your choice of chiffon, sponge, and many more. These often come in different flavors that you can choose from. A good cake is soft enough to melt in your mouth, but not crumble when cut by a knife or fork. Also, the flavor has to be noticeable, but not overwhelmingly so.

Lastly, consider the cake’s filling. Most cake shops also offer different options for this, and you can choose one perfect for your palate. The filling should be creamy and should blend perfectly with the icing and the cake itself. Of course, if you’ve chosen a tiered cake and are having a hard time figuring out which combination to go for, you can always request a different one for each tier.

Indeed, as hectic as planning a wedding could be, picking a wedding cake takes the strain out of everything else. This is a good opportunity to put the fun back in your wedding planning. Of course, with all the tasting, don’t get carried away or else you won’t fit in your dress!

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Tips on Decorating Your Own Wedding Cake

Cakes can be very expensive, particularly if you pay somebody to make it for you. If you want to save some money, then one option is to make the cake yourself. Decorating your own wedding cake will save you quite a lot of money and also allow you to be much more creative. You can try pretty much whatever you want on your own cake, whereas it might be very difficult to explain to someone you don’t know exactly what needs to be done. Wedding cake decorating is considered as a very difficult and specialist job which few people should attempt, however most people are more than capable of decorating their own wedding cake.capuccinofrostingcake

Don’t get Carried Away!

You shouldn’t try to attempt too much otherwise you might end up becoming unstuck. Think about what you are capable doing and stick with that. If you’re not sure whether you could do everything then get a professional in to help you. The look of your wedding cake will not make it taste more sweet or different in anyway, it just changes the appearance. You could have a fairly simple cake, simple things are often very elegant.

Most people would be better off by buying a cake from their local cake shop and then doing the cake decorating by yourself. This means you don’t have to worry about making a nice round cake, you just have to decorate it however you like. If you baked and decorated your cake you could end up with a strange shaped cake! You will find many different types of frosting are available these make it much easier for you to decorate cakes and make them elegant while using cheap items.

You can even get replicas of your engagement rings for decoration.

When you are deciding how to decorate your cake it is important to have all of the necessary tools for the job. You need piping bags in different sizes, angled spatulas, and turn tables. You must also make sure you have enough time available to decorate your cake. It’s no good setting aside ten minutes to decorate your wedding cake, this is nowhere near long enough. Wedding cake design can be very time consuming.

It’s essential that you have enough time in order to do your cake decoration otherwise you could end up rushing the job and ending up with something that looks like it’s been run over! You don’t want to be stressed when decorating your cake, you want to have fun and let the creativity flow naturally! If possible it’s a good idea to have a trial decorating practice so that you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing, you don’t want to waste expensive cakes for the actual day!

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Cheap Wedding Cakes

With the oh-so many different expenses that come with planning a wedding, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to spend a small fortune on cake. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much, as you can easily obtain a great wedding cake at a rock bottom price. How is this possible, you ask? 3 words; cheap wedding cakes.large-square-wedding-cake

When it comes to getting an inexpensive cake, you can NOT go straight to a private bakery and pick out a top of the line, expertly designed cake. The cost of doing this will make your head spin out of control. Instead, what you need to do is think of different ways to acquire cheap wedding cakes. Take a moment now and come up with 3 quick &  “realistic” options for getting an inexpensive cake.

Did you come up with 3 ideas? If you did, read below and get 4 MORE ideas to help you find cheap wedding cakes. If you didn’t come up with anything, well, at least you’ll have these 4 ideas to fall back on.

Hire someone that bakes specialty cakes from home. These individuals aren’t all that difficult to find and they’re pricing is about as low as it can get. Taste their work before committing and be sure to ask about any references.

Check out the bakery department of local grocery stores. It may be an unlikely place to find a suitable cake for your wedding, but it is an option to consider nonetheless. These places make great tasting cakes and sell them at won’t-break-the-budget prices.

Haggle for Discounts. If you’re dead set on a professionally made wedding cake from a private bakery, then haggle for a price you can afford. Don’t try and kid yourself, they WANT your business and they’ll work with you to ensure they get it.

Make cheap wedding cakes yourself. It might seem difficult, but it’s really not all that bad. With the right supplies and an easy-to-use online guide, you can quickly make a wedding cake that not only looks fantastic but tastes fantastic too. Think of it this way; a cake purchased from a bakery costs DOLLARS per slice, while a cake made by you costs PENNIES per slice!

Cheap wedding cakes don’t have to be disgusting nor do they need to be ugly in order for you to save money. With the right ideas & techniques, your cake can be just as beautiful & delicious as those fancy-schmancy thousand dollar wedding cakes.

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Plan For Picking Out a Wedding Cake

Let’s be honest. Wedding cakes can be really expensive. Heck, weddings in general are really expensive. The moment you hear the word “wedding” the next word you think of is probably expenses. Well, the good news is there are ways to save money on a wedding cake.cake-1

To give you some perspective, take a trip to your local bakery. You’ll probably see the most mouthwatering and delicious cakes you’ll ever see. The prices for regular, ordinary cakes are probably somewhat reasonable. Now, take a look at their wedding cakes. The prices suddenly seem steep. Interesting, how that happens, isn’t it? What’s even more interesting is that the same kind of structure was used for the non-wedding cake was used for the wedding cake. The only difference is that the wedding cake is double the price.

Don’t ask for a tasting. All that’s going to do is give the baker a chance to act like a salesman. He is going to try to sell you something that is way out of your budget. After you add up all the bells and whistles he is going to offer you, you are probably going to end up with something that you wouldn’t have wanted in the first place. When a baker hears customer asking for a tasting, it’s like the equivalent of a shark seeing blood. He’s going to go after it. This is because no one ever asks for a tasting when it comes to birthday party cake.

Get yourself a price list and study it over when you are at home. Make sure you don’t discuss anything when you are in the bakery.

If you are on a budget, understand that you are going to have to make some concessions. That’s just part of a wedding. For instance, is it absolutely mandatory that a wedding cake has to be tiered? You can go for a very well decorated sheet cake. This can save you a lot of money. It’s a lot easier for the baker and his staff to make the cake. You can always give it a little more color and design on the day of your wedding by putting some fresh flowers.

Also, if the delivery fee that the bakery charges is too high (and in most cases, it is), why not just get somebody to pick it up for you. Obviously assign this task to someone who is not accident prone. The last thing you want is a mashed wedding cake.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say you need a wedding cake to feed 100 people. A tiered wedding cake costs $395. There are also extras you can pay for like $15 for columns, $35 for a wooden base, etc which add to the cost. So at the end of the day, you may be paying $5 per serving. With the tips I just gave you, there is absolutely no reason why your wedding cake can’t cost you just $2 per serving. You don’t have to take my work for it. Try it for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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