What You Need to Know About the Wedding Cake Box

This might sound like such a simple thing, but the Wedding Cake Box is more complex than you could ever imagine. Wedding cakes come in so many different shapes and sizes that the cake box becomes more important than anybody would think. The cake has to be stored, transported, presented, and even cut before it is distributed. There are even cake slice favor boxes that you can use to give your wedding party a personalized favor. If you intend to freeze some of the cake for your memories then you will be considering a keepsake wedding cake box so that you will still have a great fresh taste for your first anniversary snack. This is why the wedding cake box is such a serious issue.Off-Set Square Wedding Cake

Different type Of cake Boxes

If you want to add special touches for all your wedding guests and for the wedding party as well, then you need the right cake boxes. Picking the perfect cake is step one, but don’t forget about picking the perfect cake box as well. Before you go out and make a decision on a box you need to know what is available.

Traditional decorative cake boxes – This type of box is the perfect box for storage and transportation of your cake. The last thing you want to happen is to find out that on the day of your wedding something horrible has happened to your cake. These boxes are made specifically for the cake that you choose and will protect the cake while it is stored and while it is transported from one place to another.

Memories box – This is also known as a top freeze storage box and it is perfect for the preservation of your first anniversary cake. These are specially made boxes that are used to preserve the freshness and taste of your wedding cake while it is frozen. You will not have to worry about freezer burn with these boxes.

Personalized cake boxes – If you are looking for a great way to say thank you to your guests and your wedding party, then you need these personalized boxes. These are boxes that are used for your guests and wedding party to take a slice of cake with them and you can have it personalized for each guest or member of your wedding party.

So now you know that choosing a wedding cake box is very important and there are different types of boxes for different reasons. You need to make sure you are getting what you want and that you get the correct boxes for all the different reasons that you might need wedding cake boxes for.


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Wedding Table Centerpieces

Having beautiful decorated wedding table centerpieces increases the glamour of your wedding. In some of the weddings, cost of wedding table centerpieces becomes more than the bride’s bouquet. It happens when the brides want to outshine their friends in this aspect by creating costly beautiful items. Florists love to use these opportunities to display their design talents and show use of latest accessories and flowers and submit a fat bill at the end of the reception.WeddingCakeSquareK040814

So before deciding on the idea of wedding table centerpieces, you will have to consider a few things. You must first decide on your budget and theme of your wedding. A few more important things that need to be considered are what kind of atmosphere you are going to create and secondly, the size of the tables you are going to use. Size of the table is very important because you cannot place a big centerpiece on a small table. You must have place for plates and glasses.

If you find decoration with flowers expensive, then you can go for colorful leaves or imitation flowers found in different colors in departmental stores. Fresh herbs can also be an alternative to expensive flowers as they look good and some of them smell more beautiful than flowers. You can collect herbs of different colors and leaves and mix them and place it in a glass or a vase. You can also make simple decorations with flowers. You can buy colored sand or foam from floral stores and keep them in a glass or a vase and place a cheap single flower like hydrangea in it and keep the entire thing at the center of the table.

Use of candles is another attractive option as they are found in different colors and can go with any wedding budget, if properly decorated. Candle centerpieces can make the wedding atmosphere very romantic, if it is an evening wedding and the wedding hall is large and can be decorated with little greenery. You can also go for colorful lanterns that have a simple tea light inside. You can place one such lantern on each table. If the wedding reception hall is dimly lit, you can create a wonderful romantic atmosphere using those lanterns.

You can have cheap but beautiful containers from discount stores. It can be cheap pottery to bright colored bags to simple glasses that will hold the main display item. Color of the container must go along with the main display item and the theme of the wedding. You can get some mini pails and they can be used as table numbers.

If you are planning a beach wedding, you must go for a bright centerpiece. You can choose sunflower as it has got a bright and vibrant look. Alternatively, you can put stick shells inside ceramic pots and place them on each table. It is better to serve guests in long glasses and offer them a shell as a gift. They will carry it home and remember your wedding

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Wedding Cake Glossary of Terms

If you will be getting married, you may want to be familiar with wedding cake terms before you visit the baker or confectioner who is making your cake. Here are some of the more common wedding cake terms and their meanings:cake-topper-5

Wedding Cake Parts and Shapes:

Tier: This is one level of the cake-(i.e. a 3 tier cake.)

Layer: A horizontal piece of the cake. Often the wedding cake layers are baked in separate pans and then one or more are combined to make a tier.

Round: A cylinder shaped cake. This is the most traditional shape for a wedding cake.

Square: A more modern shape for a cake-very geometrical-tiers can be placed at odd angles for an even more modern touch.

Hexagon: A six-sided wedding cake can be very trendy and fashionable.

Scalloped: The edges of the tiers are shaped much like flower petals for a very casual look.

Molded: The cake is shaped like a football or some other object-this is often used for the groom’s cake.

Frosting and Filling Terms:

Fondant: A sheet like sugar “dough” that hardens over time and is good for an outdoor wedding cake because it will not melt. It is very smooth in texture and can be made in one of three forms: rolled into sheets, poured over the top, or sculpted into shapes.

Buttercream: The traditional wedding cake favorite made of butter, cream, and eggs. It is very soft and easy to flavor with chocolate, fruit or liquor, but should only be used at indoor events.

Ganache: A chocolate, butter and cream sauce or filling that will melt in the heat.

Chocopan: This is basically a chocolate version of fondant-but better tasting.

Marzipan: This almond based substance can be used as a filling or to make colored shapes to put on the cake.

Royal Icing: A very hard icing that is used for decorations that need to be solid-such as lace.


Basket weave: This looks like a wicker basket.

Swiss dotted: Random dots are placed all over the cake.

Piping: Lines are made on the cake with a pastry bag and tip.

Pulled or Spun Sugar: Sugar is cooked until it is liquid and then shaped into bows, ribbons or thin strands. This must be done on site because it will not transport.

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Guide to Wedding Cake Frosting

Next to the bridal gown, the wedding cake is perhaps the most detail intensive element of planning your event. It will take days if not weeks before the future bride can choose the exact design and color of her cake. On top of this, it may take her forever to decide the cake frosting to be used by her baker.Square-Wedding-Cake1

This is the reason why you need to get a reputable baker so they can make intelligent suggestions as to which frosting would be best for the chosen cake design. You may know a thing or two about cakes but only those who have experienced in decorating them can tell you the pros and cons of using a specific frosting. Here are some of the types of cake frosting commonly used today.

Butter cream

Butter cream is a very versatile ingredient because it can be used both as a filling and a frosting. Bakers prefer this frosting because it is easy to color depending on the motif of the wedding. It is also easy to come up with various designs using this frosting. The only problem is that it can easily melt especially if the temperature is not controlled so watch out for butter cream if you are holding an outdoor reception.


If you have seen satin smooth cakes that look perfect even if shaped like a gift, flower or anything at all then most probably it has been designed using fondant. Fondant icing is picture perfect and no one can argue with that. However, it does not taste as delicious as the other icing and some would even say it tastes bad. Some bakers however have a trick of using butter cream beneath the fondant to give it a really nice flavor.


This is a favorite among bakers as it tastes good and can be made to look like fondant icing. Marzipan contains sugar, eggs and crushed almonds making it a very tasty topping. However, using marzipan can be very expensive so be prepared for your wallet to take a hit.

Royal icing

This is perhaps the cheapest frosting anyone can use for a wedding cake. It can also produce picture perfect cakes with very intricate designs. Royal icing is actually a very hard frosting so there is seldom need to refrigerate it. You can have your baker create miniature cakes for you using some of the frosting you are interested in and then you can taste them and decide which one will look and taste the best.

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How To Jazz Up Your Wedding Cake Presentation

Is there a centerpiece to a wedding celebration? Some say it is the centerpiece to a table where your guests sit and play games to try to win. Others say it is the wedding party table all decorated with bells and whistles that create the backdrop to a beautiful setting within the banquet hall for your wedding celebration. But what about the wedding cake? A wedding cake acts as a portrait-like creation that is one of many symbols of a wedding reception. A wedding cake as is a wedding invitation, banquet hall, etc… represents what it is that you want to set as a tone for your wedding party. So there is the freedom to let loose and have fun with.medium_square-wedding-cake-pictures-01

We have given careful consideration to what would be an ideal wedding cake presentation and have come up with some ideas that may grab your attention and say “What” or simply get you to nod your head, either way, it is best that you know what you feel like presenting as your wedding cake. The key is to think about style and design as much to do about flavour and variety. What about wedding rings, or garter belts? Matching portraits of the bride and groom or a pair of stilettos! If you are a traditionalist, then our ideas might not be for you. Whatever the feeling or desire, you have to be able to be true to yourself and not create something you are not or do not want to have.

If you are planning on having your wedding celebration in Toronto, Ontario or within the southern Ontario region, then you are going to find your fair share of bakers capable of creating wedding cake masterpieces for your wedding party. The key however, is to have a determining factor to decide who you want to use when creating your wedding cake masterpiece. Is price a determining factor for you? If not, then is experience playing an important role in the decision of your baker(s) of choice? Whatever the case or whoever, it is best to be able to evaluate how you are going to sieve through the enormous group of bakers or specialty wedding cake makers located throughout the Toronto, Ontario and southern Ontario region.

In any event, a wedding cake is just as much fun for you and your guests to enjoy. It is best enjoyed eaten, however, presentation and look and feel for the cake is huge when deciding on how you want the cake to be at your wedding. Some say tradition merits the individual and it is best that a wedding cake be that, traditional. A three-tier cake, enriched with different flavours for the guests and family to enjoy. Then there are some who say conventional wisdom is best left alone and that you should shed you inner inhibitions and go for that Prada purse-cake look-a-like! You will definitely leave a mark with a cake like that, just make sure that it is yummy and that everyone enjoys it, in the end!

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Unique Wedding Cakes

A gifted cake designer can go a long way in determining the quality and the character of the wedding cake.

For one, theme weddings can be a portal to truly creative wedding cake ideas. A medieval theme wedding would warrant a cake to be laced with pearls and a golden crown. An adventure-loving couple could have a cake topped with miniature figurines of the newlyweds in a small plane or a motorcycle. A Victorian theme wedding, for that matter, could have a cake adorned with bows and Victorian roses. For an Oriental-themed wedding, a cake with two tiers topped with a vase filled with edible handmade orchid is perfect.polka-dots-and-stripes-wedding-cake-789

Also, the theme for a wedding cake could depend on one’s favorite flower, whether it is sunflower, pansy, bird-of-paradise, rose etc. A talented cake designer can replicate bridal bouquets on the cake or a garden akin to one’s yard, complete with picket fences.

Then there are seasonal themed cakes. Seasonal themes give the cake designer license to let his imagination run free. For weddings that are set for the fall season, the cake can be adorned with grapes, grape leaves and chrysanthemums. The summer-themed wedding cakes can be accentuated with bows and white daisies.

Also, there are wedding cakes based on one’s favorite jewelry. The diamond lover can have a stunning diamond themed cake, though that can be an expensive option. For the jade lover, the cake can be made to look like a stack of complex shaped jade boxes. Also, there are wedding cakes based on china patterns.

For a truly unique wedding cake, it is best to talk to the cake designer, preferably weeks before the wedding date. Though there will always be that urge to come up with that particularly outstanding design yourself, there is no harm in picking the brains of a professional who does it for a living.

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Wedding Cake’s Designs

To be completely honest, you don’t have to know anything about your wedding cakes designs before you call up and order the cake. However, if saving both time and money is a goal of yours, you should definitely put a bit of thought into the wedding cake’s designs before going straight to the baker or pastry chef.3_tier_fondant_iced_square_wedding_cake

Some Important Things to Consider Before You Order…

Size & Amount: Wedding cake is usually tallied at a per slice rate. This means the more people you have at your wedding, the larger and larger the bill is going to get. If you can, try to keep the guest list under control so the price of the wedding cake doesn’t get too extreme. If the guest list is already set, well, then you’ll just have to make a few sacrifices with the “appearance” of the cake rather than the “amount”.

Cake Decorations: As you’ve probably guessed, there has to be some sort of decorations — it’s a wedding cake after all. Luckily, decorations for the cake aren’t all that expensive and they can be added on without skyrocketing the cost. All you have to do is pick what you want and you’ll be good to go. It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to buy & use their own cake decorations.

Design Concept: If you want your wedding cakes designs to be perfect and professional, it’s probably a good idea to look at picture galleries and cake design magazines to spark your imagination. Some people prefer to use wedding cake design software (very inexpensive) to ensure they get EXACTLY what they want.

Icing: The icing for wedding cake is an important decision, believe it or not. Choosing the wrong icing could result in a very poor tasting cake with bleeding colors, while choosing the right icing will mean a delicious cake with impeccable designs & decorations. Your choice for icing will likely be one of the following; butter cream, royal icing, fondant, and/or marzipan.

Your wedding cake’s designs can be simple, elegant, and inexpensive OR they can be as fancy, as intricate, and as over-the-top as you can imagine. The decision is completely up to you and the size of your budget.

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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding is your special day. Of course, you want everything to be absolute perfection. You have to get yourself the best dress money can buy. You have to have your ceremony and reception in the most gorgeous setting. And, of course, you want to have the best cake ever – by far the most fun part of your wedding planning efforts.6-7-08_5

The Look

Common advice dictates that you should not judge a book by its cover. You can ignore such advice in this case. When choosing your wedding cake, the look does matter, more than any other.

When you’re picking a wedding cake, take the time to browse through several cake shops and browse through color catalogs to find one that fits your wedding theme and motif perfectly. Better yet, if your budget permits, you can get a cake customized especially for your wedding. This way your cake will seamlessly blend in with the decor, complimenting the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Why is this important? Simply put, your wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. It is by far the most unique and the most admired of all your wedding trappings. It’s meant to stand out, yes, not as a wallflower, but as the ultimate topper of your wedding decor.

The Taste

Beauty is more than skin deep. This is especially true in wedding cakes. Your cake is gorgeous and it will capture the admiration of your guests, so it’s only fitting that it’s tastes good as well. Suffice to say, your cake should literally be good enough to eat.

Most cake shops offer samples for tasting purposes. You should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. Take the time to sample different combinations of icing, flavors, and fillings.

So what should you look for in a good wedding cake? First of all, consider the icing. You can go for fondant or royal icing. Your icing should be sweet, but not overly so. You don’t want to your icing to dominate the whole cake. If your cake has flowerettes and other decorations on it made of marzipan, fondant, or any other confection, sample those as well.

Next, consider the cake itself. You can have your choice of chiffon, sponge, and many more. These often come in different flavors that you can choose from. A good cake is soft enough to melt in your mouth, but not crumble when cut by a knife or fork. Also, the flavor has to be noticeable, but not overwhelmingly so.

Lastly, consider the cake’s filling. Most cake shops also offer different options for this, and you can choose one perfect for your palate. The filling should be creamy and should blend perfectly with the icing and the cake itself. Of course, if you’ve chosen a tiered cake and are having a hard time figuring out which combination to go for, you can always request a different one for each tier.

Indeed, as hectic as planning a wedding could be, picking a wedding cake takes the strain out of everything else. This is a good opportunity to put the fun back in your wedding planning. Of course, with all the tasting, don’t get carried away or else you won’t fit in your dress!

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Elegant Wedding Cake

Each and every year there are some new trends in wedding cakes and in other parts of the wedding. You don’t have to stick to what the latest trends are. However, if your look for some ideas you will enjoy these.41web

Square Shaped Cakes

Most of us think of wedding cakes as round shaped. Now of days square is become more popular. I have seen many chocolate designs that are square shaped. What were seeing is cubed shapes and hexagons done in layers.

Blue And Green

The colors that seem to be in for wedding cakes are blue and green. Don’t rule out pink. It always seems to be popular and it seems to be getting more popular once again. Were are also seeing more two toned cakes. Instead of just one color of blue you may see two different colors of blue on the same cake.

Fresh Flowers

This is a trend that has been picking up over the last few years. Many brides are adding some cheap fresh flowers right to the cake as a form of cheap decoration. You can buy wholesale flowers for cheap and these to the cake yourself.


More and more creative designs are coming from cupcakes. Cupcakes are cheap and have much less waist then a normal cake. When stack the cupcakes on a tower it really can look stunning. We are now starting to cupcakes coming in different shapes such as square.

Chocolate Flavored Cakes

Chocolate is becoming the most popular of flavors. Chocolate icings, frosting, flavors, and more are huge. Chocolate may be combines with other flavors such as cherries and fruits.


There are lots of people who don’t want a regular cake. They prefer the taste of a cheesecake. Cheesecake doesn’t have to be boring in designs either. I have seen some very creative looking cheesecakes.

Those are some of the current and hottest trends. But don’t rule out the traditional wedding cake. It always will be a popular choice.

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5 Tips For an Inexpensive Wedding Cake

There’s no getting around the wedding cake. Unlike other things for wedding, those of which you can just get rid of entirely, the cake is something you have to deal with. Fortunately, there are indeed ways to get cheap wedding cakes and save big money. To find out how, just keep reading.stargazer-lily-square-wedding-cake3

5 Tips to Get Cheap Wedding Cakes…

1.) See if any local bakeries are offering specials or discounts for inexpensive cake. If so, see what options are available and whether or not they can give you a good deal.

2.) Rather than dealing with a private bakery or specialty cake stores, try searching for at-home specialty bakers. Such a person will be able to make you a beautiful wedding cake for less than HALF of what a private bakery would charge you.

3.) If you’ve chosen to get your cake from a private bakery or pastry chef, consider sacrificing a few of the cake’s fancy designs & decorations for a cheaper per slice price. Remember, “simple & elegant” is just as good as “fancy & expensive”.

4.) Go with a cheaper wedding cake icing rather than one of the more expensive ones. Instead of marzipan or fondant icing, go with the cheaper, yet still very tasty, butter cream icing.

5.) If you have a friend that has a talent for baking, ask him/her if they could bake the wedding cake as a gift to you and your husband (or wife). If they can, well, you’ve just saved hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of dollars!

Quick Note: When it comes to finding cheap wedding cakes, be sure to always get a sample of the baker’s work. It’s great if the wedding cake is cheap, but that won’t really matter if the cake tastes like dung.

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