Wedding Cake Flavors For Every Taste

A great deal of thought goes into deciding how a wedding cake should look. Brides agonize over the shape, color, and even height of their wedding cakes. However, many brides almost overlook one of the most memorable parts of the wedding cake: its flavor. Wedding cakes come in almost as many flavors as there are designs, so, before defaulting to a plain white cake, brides should check out the many different varieties that are available.Square 2 Tier Wedding Cake_jpg

Brides who prefer the look of white cakes needn’t settle for an average taste. There are several white cakes with a very special flavor. Almond-flavored or French vanilla-flavored cakes carry just a hint of almond; white chocolate cakes include small chunks of chocolate flavoring. White doesn’t have to be bland.

Some brides forego the white cakes altogether and decide to add a little more color to their wedding cakes. Popular, but light-colored, flavors are very plentiful. Strawberry and lemon flavors are fun wedding cake options. However, some brides get fruity with orange or banana flavors. Brides who opt for fun-flavored cakes must make special efforts, though, to ensure that their cake choice doesn’t clash with their cake’s icing.

Rich, deep flavors are also popular choices for wedding cakes. Traditional chocolate cake is one of the most prevalent, non-white, flavor for wedding cakes. However, there are many other dark-colored choices available. Red velvet cake, Kahlua, and even Mexican chocolate would each be a memorable flavor in a wedding cake.

There is always room for more than one flavor in a wedding cake. Some brides have opted to include multiple flavors in their cakes to ensure that every guest will be able to find something they will enjoy. While one layer of cake may be strawberry-flavored, another flavor might be vanilla-flavored. Or, for a mixture of flavor in each bite, brides can order a marbled-style cake. Two or more flavors are swirled together to create a unique experience in each bite.

Changing the type of cake isn’t the only way to add flavor to a wedding cake. Some wedding cake professionals add fillings to their wedding cakes. Fruit-flavored fillings, rich cream fillings, and even liqueur-based fillings all add another level of flavor to many wedding cakes.

For a truly unique take on wedding cakes, some brides are turning to non-traditional cake options like fruitcakes or carrot cakes. Covered in a thick layer of icing, these distinctive cakes have all of the style of a traditional wedding cake; however, their flavor is truly decadent. Tiramisu, a rich Italian dessert, is also a luxurious choice for wedding cake. Even cheesecakes are also growing in popularity as wedding cakes.

The important thing for brides to keep in mind when ordering their wedding cakes is to spend a little time deliberating over the flavor of their cakes. While guests will appreciate a cake that looks lovely, they will always prefer a cake that tastes nicely, as well. Then, brides can rest assured that their cake will remain stunning, not only in photos, but also in their guests’ memories.


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Wedding Cake Toppers

Avoid buying one of those cheap plastic bride and grooms that you can find in discount department stores, and some bakeries. Your topper should be as special as your cake, and reflect your dreams and taste, not those of the baker.square_dotted_lace_monogram

Use your imagination, there are some really humorous cake toppers available, that you might enjoy. However you may want to think about whether or not it might offend some of the guests on both sides of the family, like grandparents and other older relatives.

There are military, and police cake toppers as well as cartoon characters, teddy bears, animals, sports themed toppers to name just a few, as well as the traditional bride and groom.

Maybe you would like a wedding cake topper to reflect interests that you and the groom share. Do you both love music, dancing, hockey or bowling? You can likely find a topper to recognize that. Did you know, that there are Harley Davidson cake toppers available?

Of course you can get doves, bells, gazebos and hearts to adorn your wedding cake.

Any of these paired with the bride and groom figurine would look wonderful.

Fresh, silk, marzipan or frosting flowers can make a spectacular wedding cake topper, that will have everyone talking about the beautiful cake.

Maybe your Mom and Dad still have their wedding cake topper or perhaps your mother-in-law has her mother’ topper. What a special significance either of these toppers would have, if used on your wedding cake.

It is possible to have a cake topper designed to your specific wishes. Marzipan artists can make figurines to resemble the bride and groom, or even a favorite pet. Churches, temples, your home or the car you just bought together, can all be created as a cake topper for your wedding cake. Swarovski Crystal will be offering some truly different but exquisite crystal cake toppers. I can’t wait to see those.

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Introduction To Wedding Cake Designs

The wedding cake design should not only reflect personal style, but also ideally be in sync with the menu and the décor of the wedding reception. The wedding cake should fit in the theme of the wedding reception.artistrybuttercream

Wedding cake designs can come in many forms, from the usual cream or white icings in conventional designs, to wholly non-traditional designs laced with vibrant artistry.

With the passing of time, wedding cake designs have evolved. Couples are now choosing cupcake trees with greater frequency, which was one of the foremost wedding cake ideas. Yet, some still have a preference for the conventional cakes for their wedding cakes.

The size and design of the wedding cake may depend on a number of things, like the size of the wedding budget or the availability of other desserts in the reception.

Today, one can find pastry chefs who offer infinite wedding cake ideas on icings, decorations, construction, and flavors.

A wedding cake’s design can be a reflection of personal taste. A couple with a passion for cars or motorcycles can have wedding cakes reflecting the same; a small motorcycle accompanying the miniature figures of the couple atop the cake, for example.

The flavor of the wedding cake is another important aspect. No flavor is off-limits for the modern wedding. One can have cheesecakes, mousse-filled cakes, pound cakes, vanilla, chocolate or sponge cake.

Today, one can find competent bakers with the ability to create the lacy look of the bride’s dress with frosting or the use of pearls. With frosting, these bakers can duplicate the look of any part of the reception’s décor. Also, couples can have their initials entwined in the cake with frosting.

In Bermuda, wedding cakes have a little green tree as a cake topping. Following the wedding, the newlyweds can plant the same tree in their garden, and symbolically watch it grow with time.

Then there are other options like adding edible fruits, chocolates or nuts around the cake. This will augment the designs on the guests’ plates. For that matter, one can also use edible roses, lavender or oregano as designs, or non-edible flowers as cake toppings.

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Wedding Cake Prices

The wedding cake is a big part of the reception, let alone the wedding itself. That said, it’s always a good idea to know where you stand by finding out the average wedding cake prices and what you’ll be expected to pay.512lg

First and foremost, you should realize that most bakeries charge per “slice” rather than per “cake. This system will allow you to easily determine how much the whole cake is going to cost, not to mention how much money you can spare for custom designs and cake icing.

Here is a Rundown of Wedding Cake Prices:

Simple Cake: A simply made cake with just a few decorations, cheap icing, and a basic design will cost about 1 to 2 dollars per slice. If it’s a small wedding with only about 100 or so people, you can spend about $250 to $300 and get a elegant cake that’ll please everyone.

Not-So-Simple Cake: A wedding cake that has multiple tiers, better icing, a nice design, and beautiful decorations will run about $4-7 per slice. If the guest list is long, the total cost will climb quite quickly: $5 per slice multiplied by 500 equals a massive $2500.

Complicated Cake: A 3 or 4 tier cake with the works — tasty icing which won’t bleed, elegant designs, fabulous decorations, etc. — can cost anywhere from $8-12 PER slice. If you’re on a budget, then this is pretty much out of the question. Then again, if it’s a wedding of only about 50 people, you can spend $10 per slice ($500 total) and really dazzle your guests.

3 Easy Ways to Get Lower Wedding Cake Prices

1. Sacrifice some of the fancy-schmancy designs & decorations to get a lower cost per slice.

2. Choose a cheap, easy-to-manage icing like butter cream rather than fondant.

3. Use an online step-by-step guide to bake & design the cake yourself. Rather than paying dollars per slice with a private bakery, you’ll pay just PENNIES!

Now you know exactly what to expect, as well as how to save, when it comes to wedding cakes & wedding cake prices.

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Invaluable Wedding Cake Advice

While it may seem very unimportant, the wedding cake is arguably one of the most important pieces of the wedding jigsaw. Aside from the bride, the wedding cake is one of the most looked at things at the wedding. If you get it right then everyone will be praising and if you get it wrong people will be talking about how bad it was no matter how good the rest of the wedding is. Therefore, the wedding cake deserves a substantial amount of your time and attention.Square Cala Lillies Wedding Cake_JPG

As is the case with many of the traditional wedding practises, there are new modern ways to do your cakes. However, the most stylish option is the traditional 3 tier white iced cake. This way, you can easily add decorations and everyone will be in awe. There are a number of pitfalls that you need to avoid if you want to get your wedding cake right.

Firstly, make sure you choose a sensible design. While fancy designs may look good in pictures, in truth, the more complicated the design, the more that can go wrong with the wedding cake.

Secondly, make sure you consult with the person making the cake. While you may have a clear idea in mind, they have made thousands of cakes before that they should be well placed to offer you excellent advice on the cake that is right for you wedding.

Finally, you need to consider the guests. There are two things to consider in terms of the guests, firstly numbers of secondly tastes. You need to try and choose cake ingredients that you think everyone will like and you need to ensure that there is enough wedding cake for everyone. Again, it is important to consult with the chef because he/she will know how large the cake needs to be.

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Looking For Great Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are looking for great wedding cake topper initials then this article can help you find what you are looking for. There are a few different options and ways to buy intial wedding cake toppers and some different choices you will have to make. The prices can vary greatly also depending on the options you choose. This article will walk you through the world or wedding cake topper initials.polka-dots-and-stripes-wedding-cake-789

What are they?

Wedding cakes have a long history and are a part of every wedding. This is one tradition that is present in almost every culture in one form or another. In the United States and Western countries the wedding cake is traditionally frosted with elegant white frosting and has lots of floral decorations. Then classically at the top of the wedding cake are a husband and wife. The couple is called the wedding cake topper. Of course people like to be different and unique and tie their wedding cake topper into their wedding theme. This has lead to the market of custom made wedding cake toppers. These can range greatly in price, detail and materials. You can purchase everything from polymer likeness of the bride and groom to a monogrammed intial wedding cake topper.

This article focuses on the monogrammed or initials wedding cake topper. These toppers are typically silver plated letter that stand between 4 to 5 inches high and are composed of the bride and grooms initials. These give a very elegant and classy look to a cake and are a definite addition that is worth consider.

Where can you buy them?

There are many places to purchase these such as a wedding cake decorator or even a cake decorating store. However, if you are looking to safe money there are many retailers that sell only online. You can simply use Google or Yahoo and search for terms like monogrammed wedding cake toppers or initials. This will bring up a host of retailers that can easily be contacted and the topper purchased online. You will also find that there is greater variety among the online versions because these are often semi custom. This means that the basic shapes of the letters have already been cut but you can pick color schemes and other options.

What are the options?

There are a lot of different options and it really depends on which retailer you are working with. However many will offer a variety of fonts, sizes, and arrangements of the letters. You can also change the thickness of the letter. Many retailers decorate the wedding cake topper initial letters with Swarovski.

What do they cost?

There is a wide range of prices online depending on how many special requests and custom options you want. They can range anywhere between $50 up to $225. The price range is largely due to two things. First whatever the base materials of the letters are made from can change the overall cost significantly. For example metal letters will often be more expensive then acrylic ones. Also the amount and type of crystals use to decorate the initials can change the overall cost.

Other random facts before you buy.

Traditionally these monogrammed wedding cake topper initials are made up of three letters. The letter on the left side is for the bride, the middle letter which is classically bigger then the other and stands in the front of the others is the last name of the married couple and then the letter on the right is for the groom.

Why would I do this?

There are a few out there that might ask why would I bother to do this? If you want your wedding day to be really memorable and have everything coordinated and well planned down to even the last detail then you will want to look at wedding cake topper initials. These really stand out and take the whole wedding cake to the next level. This is a decoration that is often seen in the wedding pictures. Just think of the classic wedding picture of the new couple cutting the cake together. Don’t you want an outstanding topper to really show off your wedding?

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Cutting the Wedding Cake

Many traditions that take place at a Wedding usually have some history tied into them. The beliefs of their origin vary from one person to the other. The Wedding cake has a diverse history in itself. At one time a wheat cake used to be broken over the brides head as a symbol of fertility. The English later started to stack small cakes on top of one another to form a tower. The bride and groom would then try to kiss one another over the top of the cake tower. If they were successful in kissing one another without knocking over the tower, it was considered a good sign of future prosperity. It wasn’t until the French bakers decided to turn the Wedding cake into a palace of white icing that the current tradition took off. One of the stories used today suggests that cutting the Wedding cake is supposed to represent the first feeding of the bride and groom to one another.square-wedding-cake

Although the Wedding cake has become a worldwide tradition, it can also destroy a Wedding in a heartbeat. There is a great deal of psychology involved with the wedding guests. Many people have been to so many boring Weddings that they are actually planning to leave right after cutting the Wedding cake. Within a short time just after the dinner the room has almost completely cleared out. So how do you prevent this? You have to know when the best time is to actually cut the Wedding cake. Simply holding it off till later in the Reception can be just as destructive and a majority of the Wedding cake will be left over.

When is the best time to cut the cake? This involves planning the right events to happen before cutting the cake, while the cake is being cut, and what to do immediately after it has. You will also need to understand the mindset of the guests in order to unknowingly manipulating them into staying and having fun. Timing of this portion of the Wedding Reception is crucial to the success of the event. Unfortunately not planning properly with all of the hired services can force you to do everything out of the correct order. You must know how to plan the entire Reception from the very beginning in order for the cake not to effect the outcome.

One of the best explanations on how to plan a Wedding Reception to become a huge success, is in the book, “Wedding Reception Nightmares, How to Avoid Them And Plan The Perfect Reception”. The book goes into great detail about the Wedding cake. Explaining how to turn an event that normally kills a Wedding Reception into an event that actually builds the momentum. You must make sure that you plan the events in the right order and cut the Wedding cake at the right time or your guests will be lining up to leave.

Here is a thought. Maybe it would be better if we just went back to breaking a wheat cake over the bride’s head. Not!!!

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Wedding Cake Jewelry

The wedding cake is one of the most important elements in today’s weddings. No longer a simple white affair, the cake has become almost as key to the wedding as the bride’s gown. Accordingly, brides want their cakes to be absolutely spectacular, and many are even ordering special wedding cake jewelry for decorations.cake

Jewelry for the cake is a very popular type of accent and design concept. It takes the place of the more traditional fresh flowers or frosting decorations. Wedding Cake Jewelry is particularly popular as the cake topper, instead of the old fashioned bride and groom figurines.

Brides and their bakers can find many ways to use cake jewelry to create a one-of-a-kind confection. The effect of the cake should enhance the bride’s overall look and style. Brides who are wearing crystal bridal jewelry sets love the idea of adding some sparkle to their wedding cakes. For brides who have chosen the more demure look of bridal jewelry sets handcrafted from pearls, there are also some gorgeous cake decorations available to coordinate.

Nothing is more fabulous than a crystal and rhinestone crown perched atop your cake. This is one of the most fantastic types of cake jewelry, as well as the most regal and fabulous. A large glittering crown will make your cake look fit for royalty. This is a cake topper that is likely to be chosen by brides who don’t quite have the guts to wear a full crown on their own head, but love the look. Having the cake wear the crown allows the bride to choose a more delicate tiara for herself while still getting to use a big crown in her wedding design. It is the proverbial chance to have your cake and eat it too!

If an elaborate crown on your cake isn’t quite what you have in mind, there are still plenty of other wonderful jewels for your cake. Crystal and rhinestone flowers make stunning accents when placed on the tiers of the wedding cake. They are so eye catching that you will not need to use more than a few per tier. A very sophisticated look would be to use an array of crystal leaves dripping down one side of the wedding cake on a diagonal.

Brides who prefer pearls need not be left out of the fun. A very popular cake design is to decorate the base or top edge of each cake tier with faux pearls. It is a simple and classic treatment for a wedding cake. Pearls arranged in a diamond like pattern all over the cake is another beautiful design, and it works very well for a summer wedding, as it can mimic the fresh and pretty look of Swiss dot fabric.

There is another way to use pearls as cake jewelry that ties in with another current trend. A circlet of pearls, or pearls and crystals, designed in a wreath shape makes a wonderful cake topper. Stand it up on its edge for the best effect. To really make the look special, you can have your monogram inside the wreath, perhaps in a contrasting color to make it stand out.

Jewelry isn’t just for brides anymore! One of the best parts about cake jewelry is that you will end up with a special keepsake from your wedding that you can display or even wear. This is a terrific way to not only make your wedding cake spectacular, but to also create a lasting memory as well.

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Trends in Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes are more and more important to brides these days. They not only want their cake to taste great, but they want the wedding cake to be the ultimate expression of their wedding theme. The design of your wedding cake is not complete until you have chosen the perfect cake topper.three-tier-square-wedding-cake

The classic cake topper is a bride and groom figurine. They were often created in porcelain with a bride in a white dress and the groom in a tuxedo. If you like the look of vintage style, then seek out an original cake topper from the 1940s or 50s. More modern bride and groom cake toppers are seen in crystal, or in all-white porcelain. In addition, you can find figurines online to represent almost any ethnicity or pairing of genders.

A lot of couples forgo the traditional cake topper in favor of other designs. One easy way to dress us your cake is with fresh flowers. They are always beautiful, and if you are looking to keep expenses down, fresh flowers are a fraction of the cost of sugar flowers. A bouquet of roses in your wedding colors will look lovely atop a simple wedding cake.

More elaborate cakes call for more elaborate toppers. One of the hottest trends these days is monograms. You can have a custom monogram designed with the bride and groom’s initials to stand atop your wedding cake. Brides love sparkle, and many of these cake toppers feature even more dazzle than the crystal bridal jewelry that they wear. A crystal or rhinestone monogram on your wedding cake is a great tie-in to your bridal jewelry and other design elements. It also just looks fabulous!

Another trend is to choose a cake topper that coordinates with the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are having an Asian inspired event, then you can use the “double happiness” symbol as your cake topper. A fall harvest theme? Then how about a mini sugar paste cornucopia with nature’s bounty spilling over the top of the wedding cake. In the hands of an expert cake designer, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Some couples like to pick a cake topper that expresses their silly side or shows one of their favorite things. If you love Disneyworld, then choose a cake topper with Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Cinderella and Prince Charming. One wedding I attended had a little figurine from The Simpson’s where the bride and groom would normally stand on the cake. The cake topper is a fun way to inject your personality into the wedding.

Whatever you choose for your cake topper, don’t forget that tradition says the newlyweds should save the top layer of their cake and freeze it to share on their first anniversary. If the idea of eating year old cake doesn’t appeal to you, then save the original cake to look at, but order a tiny replica from your baker to eat on your anniversary. This can be the start of a very sweet tradition!

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Wedding Cake Decorating Tips

Creating a wedding cake or anniversary cake for a large party requires careful planning due to the size of the task.  The first step is to formulate an image of what the cake will look like.  Before you launch into your own dreaming, consult with the wedding or anniversary couple, first to find out if they have any specific expectations or preferences.  They may give you full discretion or may want to be closely involved in the designing.  Once you have done this, you can create your design, perhaps referring to recent magazines and books for current cake decorating tips.two_tier_square_wedding_cake pc

Once you have chosen recipes, flavors, colors and decorations, plan for the following steps.  Usually each step can be carried out on one or more different days:

  1. Prepare a trial cake to test your concept and practice techniques.
  2. Plan how the cake will be displayed.
  3. Do the big shopping trip for the project, purchasing ingredients, display accessories etc.
  4. Bake and store the cakes.
  5. Prepare and apply icing and decorations.
  6. Drive the cake to the party location and prepare the display.

How Cakes are Tiered or Stacked

A tiered cake appears to be a single tower, but in fact consists of several cakes joined together.  Cakes can be stacked directly on top of each other or separated by pillars or columns.  When cakes are resting on top of each other, you need to insert dowels through the center of the cakes to provide structural support.  Doweling can be purchased at your local hardware store or at a cake supply shop. You can learn how to work with doweling from cake decorating tips online or in books; but unless you are a very “handy” person, it would be wise to try it for the first time with an experienced baker or in a cake decorating class.

When you tier with columns or pillars, you can use a cake separator set.  When you look around at your local cake decorating supply center, you will see there are many options and accessories for creating a tiered cake.

Ideas for Choosing Decorations

The most important cake decorating tip for weddings and anniversaries has already been mentioned:  consult with the celebrated couple! Given that you know their likes and dislikes, here are some ideas for decorating a wedding cake:

  • Consider using fondant if there will be an outdoor wedding – fondant is more durable than buttercream and can withstand higher temperatures.
  • Use colors, flowers, embroidery, and ribbons etc. inspired by the bridal flowers and dresses.
  • Borrow themes from the couple’s lives and families.
  • Flavors, colors, and symbols can originate from the place of marriage or honeymoon.

For an anniversary cake, consider some of the above ideas – and the ones below:

  • Writing is appropriate on anniversary cakes.  You can record the year of the anniversary and/or write “Happy Anniversary!”
  • Find out and use the symbol connected to the anniversary, for example, silver for the 25th.

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