How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

With that in mind there is enormous pressure on the couple to have the perfect cake. No one will remember anything about the food served at the reception after five years, but chances are if the cake was not picture perfect or it did not taste fantastic, it will still be talked about at your twenty fifth wedding celebration!

Factors to Consider


The taste of your wedding cake is to a certain extent a matter of personal choice, in the sense you may take into account the groom loves chocolate and the bride is allergic to strawberries. It is not rocket science to come to the conclusion that a strawberry topped cake is not the best choice. However other practicalities must enter the equation.1075639030_96310714a6

Weather and time is an important factor. How long before the wedding will be the cake be completed, strawberries go soft and mushy looking very quickly, they will look pretty bedraggled after about three hours depending on the weather and the humidity. Humidity affects the choice of icing, glaze or frosting. Whipped cream does not hold up well in hot weather it goes rancid very quickly.

The European wedding cake made with fruit is typically decorated with Royal Icing, but the more typical American wedding cake will use a type of butter-cream. Fortunately as prevailing weather conditions are different there are many types of butter cream icing. If you are planning to marry in the height of Summer a recipe using all butter is not a good choice, the properties of all butter, butter cream icing is no different from that of butter, it melts when it is warm. However if you have your heart set on butter cream icing then make sure that you have a recipe where the sugar is cooked to the soft ball stage.
Italian butter cream is someti8mes referred to as meringue butter cream, as it is more stable in hot conditions. Egg whites are whipped to peaks and then combined with hot sugar syrup; once this has cooled butter is added withy any desired flavourings. This example of a type of butter cream is softer and lighter than the regular butter cream and is used in Europe for genoise sponges.


Choosing a wedding cake should be fun; it is a perfect opportunity to make a statement, it is your party and you can have what you want. However there are once again practical constraints. In Europe a layer of the wedding cake is traditionally held back for the christening. If you like this idea then you have to choose at least one layer of your cake to be a fruitcake, as it preserves well, drenched in brandy.


If you have a theme, talk to a baker, there are many props that can change the basic design of a cake. Use your imagination flavourings can add color as well as flavor, avocado icing or filling is a wonderful delicate color. A well-designed cake will enhance your theme and bring the whole concept of the design together as the celebrations culminate with the cake.

Don’t be Boring

The typical American sponge is not your only option, before making a final choice; think out of the box, if only to dream! Consider cupcakes building them to a pyramid, or the traditional French wedding cake the croquembouche, an iconic creation of choux pastry bound by carmellized spun sugar, and violets. Make the cake worrk for you, if you have a lot of children coming to the wedding it may be worth having two cakes as adult and children’s tastes are markedly different. The tradional Italian wedding cake, celebrates all tastes as ti is layers of biscuits or cookies inerwoven together.

Freezing Your Wedding Cake

If you need to freeze a wedding cake it is an excellent idea to make a dummy layer, before hand, it should be decorated exactly as your wedding cake will be. If it freezes successfully then you have no problems, but if it does not then you can make design adjustments. It is not necessary to have baked and iced more than one layer, because what happens to one layer will happen to the rest.


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Essential Wedding Cake Checklist

Print it out and sit down with your fiance. Check off the boxes that meet your priorities. Give it to your baker about 3-6 months before the big day. Not only will the list get you excited and inspired, but it will provide your baker with the “ingredients” for perfection.

When you think of the perfect wedding cake, what descriptive words come to mind? Choose the word(s) that best describe the wedding cake you’d most like to create:cake15

[ ] Contemporary

[ ] Dramatic

[ ] Elaborate

[ ] Ceremonial

[ ] Round

[ ] Simple

[ ] Square

[ ] Traditional

[ ] Unique

Given your cake’s style, which shape will represent it best? (Your cake designer can help you decide.)

[ ] Circular

[ ] Hexagonal

[ ] Octagonal

[ ] Rectangular

[ ] Sheet cake

[ ] Square

[ ] Tiered

[ ] Stacked

The use? To eat! But of course. That’s the main objective. But your cake designer can assist you in putting your finances to use in the most efficient way. How flashy do you want your cake to be? How can you cut costs? Answer your own question, by ‘checking off’ your priority:

[ ] For show

[ ] A delicious dessert

[ ] Both

It’s YOUR Wedding. Don’t hold back, indulge!

[ ] Angel food

[ ] Berries and whipped cream

[ ] Carrot (spice)

[ ] Chocolate

[ ] Golden

[ ] Lemon

[ ] Liqueurs

[ ] Mocha

[ ] Mousse

[ ] Orange

[ ] Raspberry

[ ] Truffle

[ ] White chocolate

Are you a traditional wedding couple? If so, you may opt to stick with colors that accent your decorative color scheme, wedding attire, and bouquet.

[ ] Pale Blue

[ ] Green (pale)

[ ] Lavender

[ ] Peach

[ ] Pink

[ ] White

[ ] Yellow

[ ] Chocolate Brown

[ ] Beige

What do you wish to add to your cake’s appearance? Dress your cake as pretty as you can.

[ ] Chocolate shavings

[ ] Fresh flowers

[ ] Strawberries (Make sure none of your guests are allergic)

[ ] Gold or silver leaf

[ ] Pearls

[ ] Sugar blooms

[ ] Toppers

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Wrecked Wedding Cakes

Sorry Wedding Cakes

Wedding disasters do happen. After ensuring that every piece of the wedding collage is in its proper place disaster strikes and of all things, it happens to wedding cakes! When this happens, you can do nothing but watch the cake in horror as it slowly slides to the table and onto the floor. Blame the bakers, the cats and dogs, and yourself.16e97e160

First, the bakers advertise themselves as the best when it comes to wedding cakes; or Aunt Thelma was being kind and suggested you can save more money if she does the cake with her outdated baking technology, or that you were not informed by that top baker that fondant can taste like paper and there were too much half-eaten cakes. Whatever the disaster, you still have a little contribution to the tragedy.

Sometimes the cakes bombed in-transit. The carefully constructed and painfully art crafted wedding cake is smashed beyond recognition. Only an experienced and deft cake artist can do an on-site SOS and save the day. The three-tiered cake is now a single layer cake topped with fresh blooms and emergency ribbons – for photo ops. Guests can only wonder why they couldn’t eat cake.

How to Avoid Wedding Cake Disasters

During baking, en route to the reception, or sitting magnificently on a table just for it, wedding cakes invite disaster. Outdoors, wedding cakes invite ants and other insects lured by its delicious scent and birds might take a swipe at it! Indoors, ants can march to the cake, your dogs and cats might try it, and little children might be tempted to find out what’s inside all that beautiful flowers and ribbons.

Those who had the misfortune with wrecked cakes during their weddings can tell you these:

  • Ask friends where they ordered their beautiful cakes
  • Ask the baker to show his portfolio
  • Ask the baker to give you a cake taste test
  • Order from a baker who lives near the area
  • Inquire if they freeze their cakes
  • At the reception, make sure no pets are on the grounds
  • Outdoors, place the cake in a tent or under a patio umbrella
  • Get a professional not a DIY to do your wedding cake

One more important thing, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your wedding cake won’t get into any trouble. Stay alert to the safeguards you have read or heard from friends. Better yet, assign your sister to take care of the cake until the countdown to the ceremonial cake slicing.

Yes It Can Happen to You

A cake is just a cake you say. It’s different with this cake. Your wedding cake, next to your wedding dress is the focal point of interest in your wedding. In the planning for your wedding cake, have safeguards for possible destruction. Think like a general when it comes to wedding cakes.

If disaster strikes, you can only grit your teeth. But when it’s over, the whole thing becomes funny. Wedded couples have a fun slapping cake icing around and making the most of their first day together despite wedding cakes disasters.

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Second Day Wedding Cake

Many people are now having a breakfast/brunch party the day after their wedding. This allows you to open presents and to catch up with those people you might not have had a chance to talk to. It’s often a good opportunity to catch up with your parents’ friends and your relatives.normal_dieker-oval

Sweden has a tradition that must come from the old days when the daughters would leave their families to become members of their husband’s families. As a last part of the goodbye at the bride’s parents’ house, the bride’s family would make a cake so that the last bit of food the bride had at her childhood home was sweet.

The times that I’ve encountered the cake it’s been a Princess Torte, a beautiful green confection full of yellow cake, marzipan, whipped cream and either vanilla cream or raspberry jelly. The Swedes are great about their pastries because as rich as they are, they’re not horribly sweet. (Yum!)

(Of course, this could also be a great way to finish up the wedding cake from the day before, especially if everyone’s traveling. Since single women no longer seem to take cake home from the wedding to place under their pillow so that they can dream of the man they will marry, there’s often a lot of cake left over! And you don’t want to waste cake! Just wondering, what did they wrap the cake in before Tupperware? Who wants to get marzipan and whipped cream in your pillow?) You might not HAVE to make a new cake, but it’s a nice tradition to start!

Even though today’s couples are becoming part of one another’s families, it’s still a lovely thought that you leave on your honeymoon with sweetness in your mouth, remembering your past and anticipating the marriage ahead. Your relationship deserves sweetness and tenderness. Start your life off with cake. You can get serious about your vegetables when you get back from your honeymoon!

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Things To Remember When Buying Your Wedding Cake

One of the most thought about aspects of any wedding is the wedding cake. Every bride wants their wedding cake to be the focal point of the wedding reception table and something that guests will admire and talk about even after the wedding day.

With so many designs and styles available plus the added option to customize and accessorize your wedding cake to suit your wedding theme the options are truly endless.plum

Before you embark on enrolling someone with the job of creating your wedding cake it is worth making preliminary decisions before hand. Having an idea of what your budget is and what sort of cake you have in mind could save you a considerable amount of time. Do you know what filling the cake will have? Sponge or fruit cake? Do you want a tiered cake? If so how may tiers do you want for your wedding cake?. Having a few of these details already decided will help both you and the caterer you decide to employ.

Although it is a good idea to have ideas in mind, stay open to suggestions from the professionals, they may suggest something you may never have considered and that something could turn out to be your perfect wedding cake.

When you are ready to see the cake decorator or caterer (most should see you for a consultation free of charge) ask to see photos of their designs and do not be afraid to ask for something different or mix two styles together, most caterers should be happy to oblige.

Most wedding cakes are decorated with white icing but if your theme is pink or a different colour there is no reason why the icing on your wedding cake should not match it.

Once you have chosen the filling for your wedding cake you then need to start thinking about a topper, the days of the imitation plastic bride and groom are long gone! Nowadays these cake toppers can be custom made and created to look exactly like the bride and groom, even down to the brides dress!.

Most wedding cake designers will need all decisions made and finalised three to six months before the event. I would strongly recommend having the wedding cake ordered six months in advance to allow for any changes that may need to be make and piece of mind for you.

You will need to budget well for your wedding cake, remember the cost of the cake is normally separate to the decorator’s fee, it is also wise to ask if there is any charge for having the wedding cake delivered so every outlay will be covered in your budget.

What ever design or style you choose the wedding cake plays such an important role in the wedding day, having the perfect wedding cake to slice with your partner will make the day extra special.

After the wedding cake has been cut and enjoyed by the guests remember to keep your wedding cake topper safe, this keepsake will always remind you of your perfect day, and who knows, it could be passed down to your children to use on their special day.

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All About Wedding Cakes

Buying wedding cakes will require several strategic decisions. The first thing that you will need to decide on is what type of cake you want to use. There are dozens of cake choices that you can select from. Traditionally wedding cake has been a delicately flavored cake, however, in recent years chocolate wedding cakes have become more popular. In addition to chocolate and vanilla wedding cake, you can also select from gourmet flavors like raspberry cream or mocha cream.square-wedding-cakes-4

After selecting the type of cake that you want to use, your next decision will be what cake shape you want. Wedding cakes come in just about any shape that you can imagine. The two most commonly used wedding cake shapes are round wedding cakes and square wedding cakes. If you aren’t sure what wedding cake shape you want you may want to visit a bakery that offers wedding cakes and look through their portfolio of wedding cake designs.

After you have decided on a wedding cake shape your next step will be to select how many tiers you want your wedding cake to have. The size of your cake and the number of tiers that it will have will need to reflect how many people the cake needs to serve, as well as your budget. In addition to deciding on the number of tiers that your wedding cake will have you will also need to decide if the tiers will be stacked directly on top of one another, or if you want to use wedding cake stands. Again refer to photographs of wedding cakes that utilize both of these stacking options to help you make a decision on which method you would like to use.

Next you will want to select a wedding cake topper. Wedding cake toppers come in a variety of sizes and designs. Your wedding cake topper shouldn’t overpower your wedding cake, and it should also not be overpowered by your wedding cake. To find a cake topper that best fits your wedding cake look for one that has the design features that best reflects your wedding’s theme and design, as well as the one that best fits the overall design of your cake.

Your final decision regarding your wedding cake will be what wedding cake serving set you want to use. You have several options for cake serving sets. You can register for a wedding cake serving set along with your wedding china, you can buy a silver engraved wedding cake serving set, or you can buy a novelty wedding cake serving set that has a handle theme that matches the theme of your wedding.

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Wedding Cake Jewelry

The wedding cake is one of the most important elements in today’s weddings. No longer a simple white affair, the cake has become almost as key to the wedding as the bride’s gown. Accordingly, brides want their cakes to be absolutely spectacular, and many are even ordering special wedding cake jewelry for decorations.cake

Jewelry for the cake is a very popular type of accent and design concept. It takes the place of the more traditional fresh flowers or frosting decorations. Wedding Cake Jewelry is particularly popular as the cake topper, instead of the old fashioned bride and groom figurines.

Brides and their bakers can find many ways to use cake jewelry to create a one-of-a-kind confection. The effect of the cake should enhance the bride’s overall look and style. Brides who are wearing crystal bridal jewelry sets love the idea of adding some sparkle to their wedding cakes. For brides who have chosen the more demure look of bridal jewelry sets handcrafted from pearls, there are also some gorgeous cake decorations available to coordinate.

Nothing is more fabulous than a crystal and rhinestone crown perched atop your cake. This is one of the most fantastic types of cake jewelry, as well as the most regal and fabulous. A large glittering crown will make your cake look fit for royalty. This is a cake topper that is likely to be chosen by brides who don’t quite have the guts to wear a full crown on their own head, but love the look. Having the cake wear the crown allows the bride to choose a more delicate tiara for herself while still getting to use a big crown in her wedding design. It is the proverbial chance to have your cake and eat it too!

If an elaborate crown on your cake isn’t quite what you have in mind, there are still plenty of other wonderful jewels for your cake. Crystal and rhinestone flowers make stunning accents when placed on the tiers of the wedding cake. They are so eye catching that you will not need to use more than a few per tier. A very sophisticated look would be to use an array of crystal leaves dripping down one side of the wedding cake on a diagonal.

Brides who prefer pearls need not be left out of the fun. A very popular cake design is to decorate the base or top edge of each cake tier with faux pearls. It is a simple and classic treatment for a wedding cake. Pearls arranged in a diamond like pattern all over the cake is another beautiful design, and it works very well for a summer wedding, as it can mimic the fresh and pretty look of Swiss dot fabric.

There is another way to use pearls as cake jewelry that ties in with another current trend. A circlet of pearls, or pearls and crystals, designed in a wreath shape makes a wonderful cake topper. Stand it up on its edge for the best effect. To really make the look special, you can have your monogram inside the wreath, perhaps in a contrasting color to make it stand out.

Jewelry isn’t just for brides anymore! One of the best parts about cake jewelry is that you will end up with a special keepsake from your wedding that you can display or even wear. This is a terrific way to not only make your wedding cake spectacular, but to also create a lasting memory as well.

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Tips on Decorating Your Own Wedding Cake

Cakes can be very expensive, particularly if you pay somebody to make it for you. If you want to save some money, then one option is to make the cake yourself. Decorating your own wedding cake will save you quite a lot of money and also allow you to be much more creative. You can try pretty much whatever you want on your own cake, whereas it might be very difficult to explain to someone you don’t know exactly what needs to be done. Wedding cake decorating is considered as a very difficult and specialist job which few people should attempt, however most people are more than capable of decorating their own wedding cake.capuccinofrostingcake

Don’t get Carried Away!

You shouldn’t try to attempt too much otherwise you might end up becoming unstuck. Think about what you are capable doing and stick with that. If you’re not sure whether you could do everything then get a professional in to help you. The look of your wedding cake will not make it taste more sweet or different in anyway, it just changes the appearance. You could have a fairly simple cake, simple things are often very elegant.

Most people would be better off by buying a cake from their local cake shop and then doing the cake decorating by yourself. This means you don’t have to worry about making a nice round cake, you just have to decorate it however you like. If you baked and decorated your cake you could end up with a strange shaped cake! You will find many different types of frosting are available these make it much easier for you to decorate cakes and make them elegant while using cheap items.

You can even get replicas of your engagement rings for decoration.

When you are deciding how to decorate your cake it is important to have all of the necessary tools for the job. You need piping bags in different sizes, angled spatulas, and turn tables. You must also make sure you have enough time available to decorate your cake. It’s no good setting aside ten minutes to decorate your wedding cake, this is nowhere near long enough. Wedding cake design can be very time consuming.

It’s essential that you have enough time in order to do your cake decoration otherwise you could end up rushing the job and ending up with something that looks like it’s been run over! You don’t want to be stressed when decorating your cake, you want to have fun and let the creativity flow naturally! If possible it’s a good idea to have a trial decorating practice so that you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing, you don’t want to waste expensive cakes for the actual day!

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Wedding Cake Decorating Tips

Creating a wedding cake or anniversary cake for a large party requires careful planning due to the size of the task.  The first step is to formulate an image of what the cake will look like.  Before you launch into your own dreaming, consult with the wedding or anniversary couple, first to find out if they have any specific expectations or preferences.  They may give you full discretion or may want to be closely involved in the designing.  Once you have done this, you can create your design, perhaps referring to recent magazines and books for current cake decorating tips.two_tier_square_wedding_cake pc

Once you have chosen recipes, flavors, colors and decorations, plan for the following steps.  Usually each step can be carried out on one or more different days:

  1. Prepare a trial cake to test your concept and practice techniques.
  2. Plan how the cake will be displayed.
  3. Do the big shopping trip for the project, purchasing ingredients, display accessories etc.
  4. Bake and store the cakes.
  5. Prepare and apply icing and decorations.
  6. Drive the cake to the party location and prepare the display.

How Cakes are Tiered or Stacked

A tiered cake appears to be a single tower, but in fact consists of several cakes joined together.  Cakes can be stacked directly on top of each other or separated by pillars or columns.  When cakes are resting on top of each other, you need to insert dowels through the center of the cakes to provide structural support.  Doweling can be purchased at your local hardware store or at a cake supply shop. You can learn how to work with doweling from cake decorating tips online or in books; but unless you are a very “handy” person, it would be wise to try it for the first time with an experienced baker or in a cake decorating class.

When you tier with columns or pillars, you can use a cake separator set.  When you look around at your local cake decorating supply center, you will see there are many options and accessories for creating a tiered cake.

Ideas for Choosing Decorations

The most important cake decorating tip for weddings and anniversaries has already been mentioned:  consult with the celebrated couple! Given that you know their likes and dislikes, here are some ideas for decorating a wedding cake:

  • Consider using fondant if there will be an outdoor wedding – fondant is more durable than buttercream and can withstand higher temperatures.
  • Use colors, flowers, embroidery, and ribbons etc. inspired by the bridal flowers and dresses.
  • Borrow themes from the couple’s lives and families.
  • Flavors, colors, and symbols can originate from the place of marriage or honeymoon.

For an anniversary cake, consider some of the above ideas – and the ones below:

  • Writing is appropriate on anniversary cakes.  You can record the year of the anniversary and/or write “Happy Anniversary!”
  • Find out and use the symbol connected to the anniversary, for example, silver for the 25th.

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Wedding Cake Tops

Wedding Cake Tops come in a complete range of stylish and superb wedding accessories for embellishing cake tops. What ever be the type and style of your wedding cake, these tops are perfect matches for every cake. The cake toppers are available at discount price options, variety of assortments and above all, in a vivid combination of colors to blend easily with the colors of the auspicious occasion.square-wedding-cake-pictures-1000

These wedding favors are suitably customized and personalized using a variety of methods Personalization quotes can be hand written or embossed with the help of tools. No wedding cake is a complete without the customary cake tops. The Glazed Porcelain Doves and Flowers Cake Top is a blend of modern artwork with a traditional ceremonial display. This makes it an ideal keepsake for generations so as to remember the mesmerizing wedding occasion. The Butterfly Wishes Cake Top is creatively designed in a heart shape with a pearl outlining, which is further interspersed and bejeweled with butterfly ribbons and colorful faux jewel butterflies. The lavender flowers at the base add all the fragrance and aroma to this cake top. The cake top gives elegance besides being a yummy addition to your cake.

The Keepsake Calla Lily Cake Top comprises of a uniquely designed and handcrafted mix of Calla Lily flowers with a large white sheer ribbon and yellow accents.These are nicely packed in a resin finish gift box, which also has a small hidden space, which is revealed when one removes the top of the lid. The space is ideally stored for sentimental quotes and a personal phrase blending in with mood of the wedding ceremony. The Bride and Groom with champagne satin bow bisque porcelain keepsake cake top is praiseworthy and a much sought after wedding favor for celebrating the cake cutting ceremony. The blend of traditional style and classy look symbolizes permanence and dedication in love and the relationship. The Traditional Celtic Cake Top and The Heart Framed Trinity Knot Cake Top is an exotic styled cake top imprinted with traditional Irish messages that is in sync with the tone of a marriage setting.

The cake top finished in glazed porcelain further gives a sparkle and glinting appeal to the overall ambiance.The Traditional Script Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Tops are especially themed happiness symbols that go a long way in spreading happiness, laughter, and fun in the ceremony. The Stylized Hearts Brushed Silver Asian Double Happiness Cake Top are yet another range of sumptuously handcrafted cake tops that decorate not only the cakes but also enhance the beauty of your head tables and reception tables.

The Bridal Beauty Calla Lily Keepsake Cake Top is the most happening and stylized cake top that adds a touch of elegance and awe-inspiring appeal to the wedding cake. The design of this cake top enables it to store lovely treasures in the form of memorable quotes, romantic phrases, love poems and many more. In addition, there is entire line up of cake top themes that include Butterfly Wishes in Precious Jewels Keepsake Cake Top, Butterfly Wishes in Pure White Keepsake Wedding Cake Top, Contemporary Couple Cake Topper and many more that will complete wedding cake and make it even lovelier.

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